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The End is About to Begin

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"Make no mistake, the actions our government takes in response to this lawsuit depend not only upon the validity of the legal arguments put forth in the courts, but also on the reaction of the People in the court of public opinion."

"Little did we imagine that any succession of our elected representatives would so audaciously and cruelly abuse their constitutional authority as to begin to withhold from us the irrevocable Rights to which we are so justly entitled."

"Little could we imagine that in our lifetimes we would see the unexpected moment when our servant government, with a “damn the Constitution” attitude, would dare to violate the most sacred instruments of Freedom."

"It is time to shame and intimidate these oppressive men that lead our nation. It is time to shame them into honorable and just modes of governing our affairs. We must stand firm against arbitrary alterations of constitutionally enumerated powers and constitutionally guaranteed individual Rights."

"The Right to Petition lawsuit, “We The People v. The US Government” will deliver those ends."

" By great intent and design, we have insured that only a single question declaring the sovereignty of the People through the Right of Petition is before the court. There are no questions about “Section 861”. There are no questions about tax liability. There are no questions about the definition of “income.”

"There is only a single question – and in the answer to that question there can be NO middle ground. The people either enjoy sovereignty over servant government or they do not. Our servant government must answer the People’s Petitions or we will have been reduced to rely on the ballot for the protection of our Rights, as is the case in socialist democracies. Either we have the ability to peaceably enforce our Rights through Petition or we do not."

"We believe we can safely say, this lawsuit marks the entry of the People into a life and death struggle for the Republic. Nothing less than our freedom is at stake."

These are excerpts from the latest Update on the Class Action Lawsuit: “We The People v. The US Government”. They express the importance and emotional urgency on which this case rides. It is, undeniably, the most important event of the epoch - America. Will you stand by and watch, or will you become a weapon in the army of neoPatriots and engage the battle?

Please consider contributing to this most important, "last stand" effort to recover our Republic. If just one thousand of our supporters contributed just US$300 (as I have), this lawsuit would begin immediately. Please click here to make a donation to support the lawsuit.  Can we afford to wait any longer?

To repeat the words of a truly great American who has given his life to this cause:

"Stay well and stay vigilant. The end is about to begin."
Bob Schulz, Chairman, We The People Congress, and
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education

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