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by Barry Chamish 

The intended objective of this article was to examine the activities of the hidden powerbrokers of and against Israel. My readers supplied invaluable information, and though they don't know each other personally, produced a strange cycle beginning with Egdar Bronfman and connecting, finally, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Here is how Edgar meets the Terminator. It begins in early August when Bronfman of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), co-writes a letter to President Bush with Lawrence Eagleburger (CFR), a vice-president of Henry Kissinger (CFR) Associates. Bronfman is self-appointed head of the World Jewish Congress and his Israeli executive member is Isi Leibler. He wrote an open letter to Bronfman published in the Jerusalem Post, in a building so dismal its own writers fear to enter, owned by Conrad Black of the CFR.  

I will separate my own commentary with those of my readers and the material they sent with three stars *** at the beginning and end of my intrusions, like this: 

*** We preface the scandal with Bronfman's ties to the Vatican, which will make the rest of his treacherous activities almost understandable. ***  

You've been warning us for a while about Edgar Bronfman, most recently in the piece about the Vatican: 

October 1991 

On October 12th, the head of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman, is appointed head of the International Jewish Committee of Inter-religious Consultation to conduct official contacts with The Vatican and the State of Israel.

Well, check this out, from JTA via IMRA, URLs included:  

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 

JTA: Bronfman suggested Palestinians murder "only" settlers "If the Palestinian suicide bombers only went to the settlements and told the whole world they were wrong, then the whole world would have had a case against Israel and there would be a two-state solution by now," he said. "Instead, they sent them into Israel proper, which is ghastly."  


Bronfman letter on fence revives debate on Jewish criticism of Israel

By Joe Berkofsky 

NEW YORK, Aug. 12 (JTA) - An uproar over Israel´s security fence is provoking an unusual public scuffle in a major Jewish organization and reviving the longtime Diaspora debate on the propriety of publicly challenging Israeli policy.  

The spat between the World Jewish Congress´ president, Edgar Bronfman, and the group´s senior vice president, Isi Leibler, erupted last week when Leibler wrote a newspaper column demanding that Bronfman apologize or resign for urging President Bush to pressure Israel and the Palestinians to follow the "road map" peace plan. 

Bronfman also called the security fence Israel is building to keep out terrorists - which Palestinians describe as a land grab - "potentially problematic." 

After a flurry of letters and news articles, Bronfman told JTA that he will ask the WJC leadership to oust Leibler, setting up a battle of wills between two of world Jewry´s wealthiest public figures. The fight broke out when Leibler wrote an "open letter" to the Jerusalem Post on Aug. 6 urging Bronfman to apologize or resign for the letter he sent Bush on the eve of a White House summit with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. 

In the wake of Leibler´s article, Singer said more than 150 WJC members had backed Bronfman´s letter, which he co-wrote with Lawrence Eagleburger, who was secretary of state in the administration of George H.W. Bush and today is chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims. 

Among Bronfman´s supporters is former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. "Clearly, issues that are open for debate in Israel, are also open for discussion in the Jewish world," Peres wrote to Bronfman and Eagleburger. 

"The Jewish people should never be taken for a rubber stamp. Such a role would enfeeble the Jewish people and undermine the people of Israel."  

Eagleburger, a longtime friend and neighbor of Bronfman´s, did not return calls seeking comment. Bronfman continued to defend his letter, saying he did not write on WJC stationery or use his WJC title. 

Bronfman said he would ask the WJC executive committee to strip Leibler of his title at the group´s next meeting. The leadership meets twice yearly, but the next meeting has not been set. 

Leibler, who founded a chain of Australian travel agencies before moving to Israel, vowed to continue challenging Bronfman, the former owner of Seagrams.

The struggle is largely to establish clear rules in the WJC, Leibler said. "Nobody wants to take on Edgar Bronfman; he´s an extremely powerful personality," Leibler said. "But I will take on this battle if it means we have a man who has the title of World Jewish Congress president and who lobbies against the security interests of Israel." 

The dispute threatened to get messier when Bronfman began discussing Palestinian political aims and his longtime opposition to Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

While "murder is murder and mayhem is mayhem, no matter where," Bronfman said, he felt a "more effective" Palestinian tactic would have been to launch attacks only against settlements, which do not enjoy international support, rather than inside pre-1967 Israel.  

"If the Palestinian suicide bombers only went to the settlements and told the whole world they were wrong, then the whole world would have had a case against Israel and there would be a two-state solution by now," he said. "Instead, they sent them into Israel proper, which is ghastly."  

Leibler called the statement "outrageous" and "obscene." 

"There seems to me an implicit suggestion that there is a difference between Jews over the Green Line and behind the Green Line," he said. 

"Are you telling me that the president of the World Jewish Congress said to you that had the Palestinians concentrated on Jews over the Green Line, that would have been more acceptable?" 

Bronfman said his point was different.  

"It would not have been more acceptable," he said, "it would have been smarter on their part." 

***Recall later that Bronfman's partner in outrage is Lawrence Eagleburger, chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims. This will soon tie Edgar to the Terminator. And when we arrive there, forget not that it was Bronfman and his WJC which, for the past decade, has led the fight against the Swiss Banks to release their assets stolen by the Nazis from Holocaust victims and deposited in Switzerland. And begin wondering why almost none of these monies ever reached the hands of their rightful owners. 

But first, let us have a look at another insider we barely know, PM Sharon's chief advisor, Dov Weisglass.*** 


***As reported in the previous article, Sharon is being set up for his upcoming fall, in order to pave the way back for Shimon Peres to the Prime Minister's office, by way of a series of financial and long-past military scandals. The attorney-general and media are busy dredging up anything that can be used to oust Sharon from office. Yet somehow the following scandal will never be mentioned. You see, Sharon's appointments organizer, Weisglass, and his son Omri, met the PLO's security minister Muhamed Dahlan in Austria a while back in order to get a piece of the action in a casino run by the PLO in Jericho.*** 

Haaretz, Jan. 10, Page 1B 

"It is not clear why $1.5 million were transferred from South Africa to somewhere else, to a bank in Austria via a bank in New York, until they finally landed in a branch of Discount Bank in Tel Aviv. Why this circuitous route?  

"What is known, however, is that Omri Sharon and attorney Dov Weisglass (the director of the Prime Minister's Bureau) visited both Austria and the United States together this past year. Austria is the domicile of Martin Schlaff, one of the owners of the casino in Jericho and a partner in the Bank of Austria. Schlaff is a client of attorney Weisglass."  

***So you would think that Weisglass is acting on behalf of Sharon and the Right, right? So why is he representing Labor party member Dahlia Rabin and her brother Yuval, both the children of slain Labor party leader Yitzhak Rabin? And what is his role in the coverup of the murder?***  

Here is a weird quote from a Roni Kempler interview on the website you reference in your latest email:  

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever met with Dalia Rabin? 

KEMPLER: "The day before the videotape was shown on television, I was supposed to meet with Dalia Rabin and Yuval Rabin at the office of attorney Dov Weisglass. They said that they wanted a meeting and they didn't give any reason why. A short time before the meeting was due to take place, they sent word that the meeting was canceled - without giving any explanation."  

*** My reader wisely observes, "Weisglass seems to be at the center of everything. I don't think you've focused on him enough... from the Ginossar scandal to Rabin, Peres and Sharon. Seems he's the common denominator to everything."  

  Indeed he may be, because when you're negotiating oil pipelines with the Iranians, you're in the loop. My reader asks a good question:"Do you think he got paid in Swiss currency for negotiating the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Pipeline deal with the Iranians and the Portuguese World Bank?" *** 

The offer was made to Adv. Dov Weissglass before he was appointed director of the Prime Minister's Bureau. A Russian company is also interested in Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. (EAPC).  

The Iranian government recently held negotiations to sell its 50% stake in Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. (EAPC) to the Portuguese World Bank.  

Adv. Dov Weisglass represented the Portuguese World Bank before he was appointed director of the Prime Minister's Bureau. Weissglass notified various government offices several months ago about the negotiations. Weissglass declined to comment on the report.   The Portuguese World Bank, which had received an offer from the Iranian government sources, sent a message through Weissglass that it and other foreign investors conditioned the acquisition of EAPC on the Israeli government also selling its 50% holding.  

The Israeli-Iranian partnership was created in the late 1960s. EAPC was set up to build an oil pipeline from Iran to Israel, and thence to Europe, in order to bypass the Suez Canal, which was closed at the time, in the wake of the 1967 Six-Day War. EAPC eventually became one of Israel's largest energy companies, benefiting from benefits and tax breaks not granted to its competitors, thanks to its partial Iranian ownership. 

A Russian company has also reportedly show interest in recent months in acquiring EAPC, in order exploit its international pipeline.  

***A British correspondent puts the pieces together connecting Shimon Peres and his toy "rabbi", Michael Melchior, to a suspicious coalition of British Arabs and Jews, leading to a Tory MK forced to resign in disgrace, David Mellor. The bold letters are his way to emphasize the ugly circle of "friends" and their direct ties to the embezzlement of the "palestinian" Authority.*** 


Up to his kippa in crime. 



Beyond belief 

By Michael Skapinker

Published: August 8 2003

 Rabbi Hershel Gluck bustles through the streets of the east London borough of Hackney, pausing only to accept a fellow Orthodox Jew's congratulations on the birth of his first grandchild. He turns the corner and bounds up the stairs of the local Muslim community centre, where he is admitted with a flurry of handshakes and shouts of "Rabbi!" from a group of young men hanging around the entrance hall.   Rabbi Gluck is at home here. He strides into an inner room, tosses his black hat onto a chair, revealing his skullcap underneath, and greets two friends - Ismael Amaan, a Muslim community leader, and Mohamed Munaf Zeena, head of the Council of Indian Muslims. The three men are leading lights in the Muslim Jewish Forum, which they boast is the most tightly-knit example of co-operation between the two faiths anywhere in the UK, and, Rabbi Gluck claims, in the world. The grey-bearded Rabbi Gluck and the black-bearded Amaan are photogenic local celebrities, having appeared on a much-discussed BBC news programme about how Muslims and Jews can live as friends in the same community. 

The two are considering a national tour, in which they will appear together in Muslim communities that have never seen a Jew and Jewish communities that know few Muslims, as well as large areas of the country that have never seen either group. "There are many parts of the UK where a Jew or Muslim is considered a mythical character, both by each other and by the country at large," says Rabbi Gluck, who enjoys telling stories about the sensation that Jewish and Muslim friendship creates. "I remember meeting a senior Muslim cleric. When we kissed each other the taxi driver said he thought he was dreaming." 

Jawid Ghussein, a Palestinian multi-millionaire who ran the PLO's finances for 12 years, has fled from Jerusalem to London. Palestinian security officials accuse Ghussein, 71, of embezzling $7 million. 

Ghussein, who was the head of the PLO's National Fund, a body that supervises the Palestinian economic institutions and social welfare projects, had been under house arrest in Gaza ever since he was abducted from his hospital bed in Cairo by PA security agents last January. The National Fund is in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars that are transferred to the PLO by Arab states as part of their pledge to support the Palestinian struggle.  

His daughter, Mona Bauwens, and his son, Tawfiq, both of whom live in London, have been waging a campaign to secure his release and hinting that he knows enough to blow the lid off PLO corruption. 

Bauwens shot to fame a few years ago after David Mellor, the Tory minister, and his family accepted a holiday in Marbella at her expense. She arrived in Jerusalem last week and accompanied her father to London. 

***While Melchior likes to help embezzlers escape to London, a Belgian correspondent helps clear the mystery of why his country is so focused on disgracing Israel.*** 


         If you've been wondering why so much anti-Israel venom passes through the corridors and courts of Brussels, here's the answer. We have another royal family which believes it owns title to Israel: 

We think that Belgium only colonised Congo, but our country was also active in the Middle-East. Under Leopold I ( the first Belgian King in the period of 1830 on.) there was already a mighty Arab lobby in our country. For instance Acec, the financial group around baron Ampain, had founded in the most important cities in the former Ottoman empire, among them Cairo, Istanbul and Damascus- water and electric utilities and metrolines. There was a lot of Belgian capital in the cotton business, while on the Egyptian beer bottles of Stella there is still the star of Congo. During the WW I, Palestine was claimed as a colony by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to Godfried of Bouillon, the first king of Jerusalem, who's natural successor was Albert I. (Godfried of Bouillon had the status of "Fisherking", which means a direct descendent of the Temple priests in the time of Jesus or a natural descendent of Jesus himself. When it became clear that the Germans were about to loose WWI, the French and the English started the partition of the Ottoman Empire. They couldn't get to an agreement on Jerusalem and from French side there was pressure to assign the holy places to Belgium, mainly to keep the British away from there. Also the Vatican supported the Belgian claim, because the pope chose Belgium, rather than the British Protestants. He believed that the Belgian, Catholic monarchy would protect the holy places. But when the British, together with the allied troops marched into Jerusalem in 1917, the Belgian dream collapsed.  


***Did anyone notice that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his new political partner, Warren Buffet took a trip together to a Rothschild estate in England this week? (International Herald Tribune, Aug. 18). There is more to the Terminator's new political career than meets the eye. Follow closely the connections back to Edgar the Bronfman:*** 

At the bottom of my latest post, you will find some information regarding Warren Buffet and Arnold Schwarzenegger which I feel is important to get out to Jewish communities. 

As you probably know already, Buffet is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the Insurance Monolith. He's openly backing Arnold in order to crush California and Washington's HVIRA Laws, which would require disclosure of unpaid policies belonging to Holocaust victims.  

General Re will probably save billions through this move, with Jews once again becoming the victim.  

(SACRAMENTO) - Attorney General Bill Lockyer took another major step in defending the constitutionality of California laws that allow World War II-era slave laborers and victims of the Holocaust to seek compensation from private companies that were enriched by their forced services and unpaid insurance claims.  

"The California laws under attack seek basic justice for victims of the Holocaust who have insurance claims pending and for World War II-era slave laborers who were deprived of wages as slave labor victims," Lockyer said. 

"The California laws address state issues while avoiding foreign relations and foreign policy. The laws are narrowly tailored remedies for abuses by businesses that unconscionably enriched themselves by using slave labor or by failing to pay insurance claims." 

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down California's Holocaust Victims Insurance Relief Act (HVIRA) today effectively leaving in question Washington state's own similar law passed unanimously in 1999.  

"The Court's decision severely impedes states' ability to protect their citizens," said Kreidler. "With an average of 10 Holocaust survivors dying every week, surely we owe them a chance at pursuing restitution - despite what the federal government thinks.  

***My correspondent puts most of the puzzle together but misses one piece: "Ten Holocaust survivors dying every week. Holocaust victims have been a thorn in the side of insurance companies for decades. They want what's owed to them, and the Insurance companies refuse to pay. They've been in court forever. By putting their muscle behind Arnold, Buffet and company are trying to crush the unpaid insurance claimants and former slaves once and for all. 

Note that the AIA is one of the principals in the lawsuit. The sadists are hoping they can stall in court until all the people they victimized are dead. I guarantee that if Arnold wins, Holocaust victims lose, and California support for the rights of Holocaust victims who were screwed by insurance companies will be a dead issue. Gee, this really helps the Bush family too doesn't it? After all, Prescott Bush used Jewish slaves at Consolidated Silesian Steel in Poland, who were slave labor contracted by CSS from the Nazi conglomerate IG Farben. Farben ran Auschwitz for Hitler, which is where the Bush family's slaves came from. 

So now you have some idea who Arnold is working for, and what some of these people want. Protection from liability for either their participation in or profiteering from the Holocaust. 

Still think it's irrelevant that Arnold comes from a Nazi family?"  

   *** Certainly, it is worth more than mere noting that Bush's grandfather and Schwarzenegger's father were enthusiastic supporters of Naziism. But look even more closely at how the circle closes. Edgar Bronfman's letter writing partner is Lawrence Eagleburger, the government's international director for Holocaust insurance claims. The Terminator's political partner is obsessed with having these claims wiped out in California. 

Apparently opposing Schwarzenegger and Buffet's nefarious goal of depriving Holocaust victims of compensation would be Bronfman. The Terminator, if he has his way, will have to go through Bronfman's co-signator on the Bush letter, Lawrence Eagleburger.   But Edgar couldn't care less about dead Jews if they don't support his politics or live where he thinks they should. And the money he supposedly helped release from Swiss banks to Holocaust victims has not reached their hands. Just the way the Terminator wants things to be. 



A site and a book from two of my correspondents who more than merely dabble in prophecy. Peter Goodgame is back on the net at: 

Holy Land Showdown by K.D. Mehlhoff For information write: 

This book explains clearly why a Christian who supports a Palestinian state is betraying his own religion. Here is what he wrote about my book, Save Israel! 

"Israeli author and investigator Barry Chamish has written a book exposing the fraudulent deeds, in explicit detail, of key Israeli leaders. In Save Israel!, Chamish contends that persons occupying some of the highest offices in Israel are controlled by outside forces working against Israel... 

"Chamish's writings provide me the opportunity to offer an essential observation. Israel's ultimate destiny does not rest in the thinking and planning of men but in the thinking and planning of God. Chamish fears for the future of Israel. He has exposed some of the evils that threaten Israel's existence. He is sounding an important alarm, and perhaps God is using him in that regard. From a strict secular perspective, the future of Israel is, at best, uncertain, and the destiny of the Jewish people in grave and imminent danger, as Chamish has warned. The bottom line is, the Bible offers hope, but also something more: a sure and eternal promise regarding His chosen, the Jews." 

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