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Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002

Subject: parkus


 by Barry Chamish

 An essential eye-witness to the July 4th Los Angeles Airport shooting contacted me and we had an eye-opening talk. Dr. David Parkus, the courageous physician who first helped hold down the assumed killer Heshem Hadayet and then tended the wounded and dying, described what he saw at LAX.

 DP: I was waiting in the Singapore Air line across from El Al when I heard three or four shots. I turned around and saw a stocky man about eight feet away from the El Al counter shoot at the counter. People hit the floor and he was about the only one standing. A well-built El Al employee rushed the shooter and fought with him over the gun. A couple of seconds later, another El Al security man rushed the shooter and shot him in the flank.  He was wrestled to the ground and I ran to the scene and helped hold the shooter to the floor. I saw a knife fall from his body while he was still resisting, then I felt him go limp.

 BC: Witnesses saw a blonde man with a pony tail shoot as well. The police insisted he was 52 years old. One witness phoned an Israeli radio program minutes after the incident, while another worked at the Mexicana Air counter next to El Al. Did you see him?

 DP: Not at all. But the first El Al security man had long blonde, wavy hair. He fought for the gun. From the point of view of Mexicana Air and elsewhere it could have looked like he was the shooter.

 BC: Was he about 52 years old?

 DP: No, he was in his twenties.

 BC: Could he have been mistaken for a 52 year old?

 DP: No, he looked his age.

 BC: People heard between 12 and 15 shots and were certain, at least some, came from this 52 year old blonde. Others saw a man of this description taken away in a squad car and LAPD initially announced that a suspected accomplice was under arrest. What do you make of this?

 DP: First of all, people got mixed up. There were no more than eight shots by the shooter and the second El Al security officer who rushed him, combined. One or two of these shots came during the struggle for the gun with the blonde security man. Even the reporters mixed up facts. In most reports they got it right. I saw the shooter wearing a grey sports jacket and pinkish shirt. One reporter had me saying he was wearing a blue blazer or shirt. What I said was the blonde El Al guard who fought the shooter wore a blue shirt. That's who people must have seen shooting.

 BC: Can you be certain that there wasn't an older lookalike who played some sort of role in the incident?

 DP: No, I only had a limited viewpoint, from the floor of the airport. However, I must admit there were strange things. Where were the LAPD policemen? Why was I holding the shooter without any police help? They didn't come to the scene. Not only that, when I returned to LAX from my trip, I sat in the bar on the second floor, above the El Al counter. A waitress told me there was always a an airport security man stationed there watching over the El Al counter. Where was he that day? And there's more; the FBI tried to confiscate the photos my brother took of the shooter. It's a good thing he handed the film over to the Los Angeles Times or there would be no record of the incident. Now that makes no sense. I don't believe for a second that the airport surveillance cameras didn't record the whole thing. Why isn't the film being released?

 BC: I am now ready to accept the likelihood that the blonde El Al security man wearing the blue shirt was the second shooter people mistook for the real shooter. But you saw a man waiting patiently in line and only shooting when he was eight feet from the counter. Does that sound like a terrorist to you? If he had wanted to kill as many people as possible, wouldn't he have stood parallel to the line and blasted everyone he could?

 DP: I thought about that. There is a phenomenon in America called, "suicide by cops." There are people who provoked policemen into killing them. If that isn't the answer, then it looks more like the shooter was after someone than trying to commit mass murder. But I can't know the motive, I can only know what I saw.



 Attorney Doron Sheftel said it best in Makor Rishon: "The Shabak are saying that Avishai Raviv didn't tell them about Yigal Amir's proclamations that Yitzhak Rabin had to die. It is an insult to our intelligence but the judges are going to buy it. Raviv was beyond doubt of any but the blindest of our people, a Shabak provocateur whose role was to incriminate all opposed to the Oslo Accords. And there is no hope of this circus of a trial coming anywhere near to revealing that truth." How right he is! Two of Raviv's handlers "Kfir", Khezi Kalo and "Adin", Eli Barak boldly perjured themselves this week. Read the following report from the Itim News Agency:

 Shin Bet: Raviv didn't realize how dangerous Yigal Amir was By Itim Avishai Raviv's handler believed that Raviv was unaware of Yigal Amir's intention to kill former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, according to testimony given Monday by Kfir, Raviv's handler, at opening of Raviv's trial Monday.

 Publication of the handler's testimony was permitted after portions were censored by the Shin Bet.

 Also Monday, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court issued a subpoena instructing the Prisons Service to bring Amir's brother, Hagai, to court Thursday to testify in the case despite his objection.

 Raviv's handler told the court that the Shin Bet had found discrepancies between the information passed on by Raviv regarding Yigal Amir following a meeting the two had in August before the murder, and the information passed on by Raviv just hours after the assassination. The handler said, nevertheless, that based on his acquaintanceship with Raviv, had the latter known of Amir's intentions, he would have informed the Shin Bet.

 Raviv began working as a Shin Bet agent in 1987 at the age of 20, and Kfir was his handler from 1992 until after Rabin's murder. Parallel to his activities for the Shin Bet, Raviv was also active in the Kach movement and headed the Eyal movement; he moved to Kiryat Arba in 1994 and remained in contact with his handlers on a daily basis.

 In his testimony, Kfir said that Raviv served as an agent against a group with which he identified. Asked how that was possible, Kfir said: "The explanation is that it doesn't go together. I don't think that he lived with some sort of internal conflict without the ability to settle it. The lack of a solution allowed him to work along both lines, to be active among the target and to tell us about the activities he sometimes initiated."

 Kfir said that Raviv had first mentioned Amir's name to the Shin Bet in March 1995. From the information he had passed on, Amir had been behind student activities on the Bar-Ilan University campus that were aimed at strengthening the settlement enterprise in the territories on the backdrop of the Oslo process.

 "Avishai spoke about Yigal's intentions to organize a group of serious students who were interested in doing things. We didn't really understand what activities he was talking about, and we didn't understand who the students were and what 'serious' meant...Despite the debriefings, we were unable to get to anything more  concrete."

 Kfir was summoned to speak to Raviv shortly after the shooting. "One of the first things I did was to to call the defendant [Raviv] so that he could be on stand by because it became clear to us pretty quickly that the shooter was Yigal Amir."

 But Raviv's testimony regarding Amir after the murder was unlike his reports that he had submitted a few months earlier. "He described him as an extreme individual of a different degree... He also described how [Amir] had justified the actions of [Baruch] Goldstein."

 Following his report, Raviv agreed to be remanded in custody for 48 hours, during which he was placed in a cell, as an undercover Shin Bet agent, with other individuals suspected of involvement in the murder.

 Kfir told the court that he had never heard Amir speak of murdering the prime minister.

 *** So Kalo and Barak never heard Raviv mention Amir's intention to murder Rabin??? We previously caught them in their lies but only the newspaper Hatsofe exposed the perjury for what it was. Last October, I received a huge stack of once secret documents. Included was Raviv's testimony to the police on the night of the assassination. He told the police that he had heard Amir declare his intentions to murder Rabin "on numerous occasions." I gave the testimony to Dr. David Khen who passed it on to Hagai Huberman of Hatsofe. After reporting on Kalo's bald-faced lying testimony, Raviv's police interrogation was printed with the rather obvious comment that Kalo had lied to the judges of the current Raviv trial. But will Kalo be charged with perjury? Come on people, this is Israel!! Now, on to the surprise of the trial. Since polls now reveal that more than half of Israelis believe or suspect Yigal Amir did not murder Rabin, that would explain why he was not called as a key witness in this trial. Instead, his brother Hagai was called to the stand. One perceptive reader had high hopes for Hagai but they were dashed in a most unexpected way.***

 Tomorrow's likely to be one of the "circus days" in Avishai Aviv's trial. Hagai Amir, brother of Yigal Amir, is about to testify in court. The tactical beauty of his summons to court is that it was made by the prosecution. Hence, the content of his testimony is known before Hagai even steps into court. He will testify that Raviv did know about the attempt to murder Rabin before the event. What deal had been cut with Hagai Amir is really unknown, but given that the two Amir brothers (especially Yigal) consistently refused to testify against, or implicate, Raviv in any wrong doings, the latest move is quite a surprise. There are few more judicially convincing moves that are taking the symptom itself and applying it to the ailment and that's precisely what the prosecution is hoping to do. Eitan Peleg, Raviv's attorney, already called this move "a deplorable, pitiful decision' (Maariv 22.7.02). If the older Amir will be in any clear state of mind to answer questions, the opportunity is there for Peleg to probe deeper into the affair and expose the whole sham. Something's telling me the opportunity will be lost. As is well known, the court has the power to summon anyone to testify in a case like this and the main witness should have been Yigal Amir himself. So far he wasn't summoned and that tells us what kind of court this is. It's a Kangaroo court, hence a circus. Expect any of the three judges involved, the presiding Amnon Cohen, flanked by Arie Romanov and Orit Efal-Gabai to hold in "rapid due course" a chair in the High Court. My money is on Cohen...

 *** My correspondent must have been as surprised as everyone when Hagai Amir refused to testify, stating, "I do not want to testify. The fact that they brought me as a witness makes me think they want to conduct a fake trial. They are not calling the right witnesses." Three cheers and more for Hagai Amir. He must have been primed to testify the way the state wanted and refused to for the exact right reason: the court is not calling the right witnesses. One minute after Rabin was shot by Yigal Amir's blank bullets, over forty minutes before the rest of the country knew about Amir through the media, Raviv called 38 reporters via his beeper service with the message, "We missed this time. Next time we'll kill Rabin." A minute later Amir Gilat of Maariv called Raviv to ask what he meant and Raviv gave him Yigal Amir's details; where he lived, studied, served in the army. How did Raviv, 40 minutes before the rest of the country, know Amir shot at Rabin? How did he know Amir missed? He knew because he handed him the gun with blanks. And these witnesses, all reporters, if they had been called to testify at Raviv's trial, would have indelibly connected the Shabak to the Rabin assassination. But, they weren't called and the rest is mere fiasco. ***


 About half of Israel know or suspect that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres organized the Rabin assassination with the help of Shabak chief Carmi Gillon. But many won't believe that he sold Jerusalem to the Vatican. This, I and my partner reported in March 1996 in our newsletter Inside Israel. Well people, now he's trying in earnest to complete the transaction. Read on:

 The Italian Connection

 On Friday, June 8th Gorbachev's agenda took a big step forward with the formal public unveiling of the Charter. The ceremony was held in Urbino, Italy - a town approximately 135 miles north of Rome. This "great international event" was sponsored by Italy's President, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The Earth Charter website ( in its pre-event coverage stated: ....."Numerous international and Italian celebrities will be in Urbino for the ceremony; amongst them, Rita Levi-Montalcini winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Honorary President of the Italian Green Cross, Steven Rockefeller of the international foundation of the same name, Father Massimiliano Mizzi, General administrator of "Dialogo dell'Opera Frati Minori Conventuali" of Assisi, the Metropolitan Pitirim of the Moscow Patriarchate and various members of the advisory committee of Green Cross International amongst whom figure celebrities like Shimon Peres, Evgeni Velikov, Arba Diallo, Thor Heyerdhal, Ted Turner and Robert Redford."


 Glocal Forum Opens In Rome

 As The Guardian reported on May 11, 'the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks destroyed any illusion that rich countries can ignore desperation and poverty elsewhere, the World Bank president said Saturday at the opening of a conference on the weaknesses of globalization. The first Glocal Forum, whose participants include Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and mayors and business leaders from around the world, is a response to concerns that globalization isn't always meeting local.....


 3. Secret Talks In Europe? Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, meeting with Danish officials in

Copenhagen, was presented with the latest European Middle East peace plan today. Denmark now holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, but its plan is very similar to, and not meant to compete with, that which U.S. President George Bush spoke about last month in his public address.

 Highly-placed security sources have intimated that intensive negotiations are already taking place in Europe. Israel's General Security Service head Ami Ayalon and others are meeting with leading Arabs from Judea and Samaria, according to the report, and on the agenda are the internationalization of Jerusalem and a return to the 1967 borders. Speaking on Tuesday at the new Chief-of-Staff ceremony, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, "It is likely that a window of hope has opened, and we have no intention of missing it."


 Israel accepts EU peace plan "I have huge expectations with regards to the Danish European Union presidency and we welcome a larger rule for Europe in an effort to re-establish peace," said Mr Peres after his meeting with Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller.


 I wonder if you ever heard of the "Rome Understanding". I read about it today for the first time in the Italian press (La Repubblica). You find it (probably today only so save it) at:

 The news is reported by CNN, but only in its Italian website, at:

 I couldn't find it anywhere else. I do not know if you read Italian. In few words, it says that Savit and Abu Ala had 4 meetings (1 day the shortest, 4 days the longest) last Autumn in Rome under the facilitating services of Rome's Mayor who apparently confirmed. Peres joined them for the last meeting. They apparently agreed that the creation of a Palestinian State should come at the beginning of the negotiations and not before. This "Rome Understanding" is similar but not identical to the one leaked half a year ago and considered "irresponsible" by Sharon. CNN quotes "La Repubblica" saying that the plan includes 3 steps, which are to be performed in 2 years: mutual recognition of the 2 States, 1 year negotiation of pending issues, 1 year execution. But I could find only the first step in La Repubblica...


 July. 8, 2002

 Proposal seeks to internationalize Jerusalem's Old City l. 8, 2002

 Proposal seeks to internationalize Jerusalem's Old City


 Israeli, US, and German delegates spent yesterday fighting a surprise proposal to internationalize Jerusalem's Old City presented by an Italian politician at the five-day meeting in Berlin of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, composed of parliamentarians from 55 countries. "It came as a surprise to us," said MK Colette Avital (Labor). "We have been working the whole evening to persuade him to take it back but we haven't succeeded." Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the US-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, who is also in Berlin, said he fears the initiative will pass when brought before the OSCE for a vote today because it appeared to have a lot of support yesterday. "The head of the Italian delegation told us his main concern is that in the future when there are peace discussions, the Palestinian entity will be given control of the Christian Holy sites. He thinks that is not good enough for Christians," Cooper said. He added that the Italian politician preferred for religious reasons to have the Old City internationally administered.


 Israeli, US and German delegations at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Berlin have to fight a surprise proposal to internationalize Jerusalem's Old City by the Italian delegation to the meeting. The head of the Italian delegation told Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the US-based Simon Weisenthal Center, that the main concern of the Italian government was that "in the future when there are peace discussions, the Palestinian entity will be given control of the Christian Holy sites."

 Why the secular government of Italy should be worried about this was not explained in the news item. (The Jerusalem Post, July 8th, 2002)


 In 1947, the British were on their way out of India and Israel. They pulled the same stunt on both countries to assure never ending conflict and ensure their perpetual control of their former colonies. Artificial Muslim national entities were created in Kashmir and Judea and Samaria with borders guaranteed to be enflamed forever. And in case there was a danger of peace quieting the regions, they placed their stooges from the Royal Institute Of International Affairs, Council On Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission and Bilderberg Group in charge of keeping the war simmering to boiling. Here is a bio of America's new Ambassador To India, previously an "expert" on the Middle East:

 NEW DELHI -- Ambassador Blackwill took up his duties in India on July

 27, 2001.

 The Ambassador was the Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and taught foreign and defense policy and qualitative public policy analysis. During his 14 years at Harvard, he was Associate Dean of the Kennedy School, faculty chairman of the School's Executive Program for U.S. and Russian General Officers;of the School's Chinese Security Studies Program; and of the Kennedy School's Middle East Initiative. Special Assistant to President George Bush for European and Soviet Affairs in 1989-90, he was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany for his contribution to German Unification. He is the author of many books and articles including co-editor of Conventional Arms Control and East-West Security (Duke University Press, 1989), and A Primer for the Nuclear Age (University Press of American, 1990). He also co-edited New Nuclear Nations (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1993) with Albert Carnesale, Damage Limitation or Crisis? Russia and the Outside World (Brassey's Inc., 1994) with Sergei Karaganov, and Allies Divided: Transatlantic Policies for the Greater Middle East (MIT Press, 1997) with Michael Sturmer of German's Research Institute for International Affairs. Other books include Engaging Russia (The Trilateral Commission, 1995) with Rodric Braithwaite and Akihiko Tananka, and Arms Control and the US-Russian Relationship (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1996). In 1999, the Council on Foreign Relations published his monograph, The Future of Transatlantic Relations. His latest book, America's Asian Alliances, co-edited with Paul Dibb, was published in July 2000 by MIT Press, July 19,2002.


And lest anyone still doubt that the CFR and their allied "think" tanks are out for Israel's blood, keep reading:



 July 19,2002

 Either chutzpah or a joke

 By Ze'ev Schiff

 Israel may not be calling its presence and activities in the territories an occupation, but in reality that's what it is. Ariel Sharon does not want to get out of the Palestinian cities, while Benjamin Ben-Eliezer is afraid of a renewed wave of terror. Both Sharon and Ben-Eliezer have in effect rejected, each in his own way, President Mubarak's requests, brought by the head of the Egyptian intelligence services, to withdraw from the Palestinian cities. There is no negotiation taking place between Israel and the Palestinians, but behind the scenes there is some activity in that direction.

 Yossi Beilin, in cooperation with the Palestinians, is back to dealing with the refugee issue. The State Department is financing a study on the conditions for establishing a Palestinian state based on the outline presented by President Bush. An odd situation has arisen, because the study has ended up in the hands of a pro-Palestinian group at the Council for Foreign Policy in New York.

 *** I have been lecturing throughout Israel this summer, every day, sometimes twice a day. The crowds from the Dead Sea, to the Negev, to the shores of the Kinneret average about 150 and for that I can thank, in no small part, Rabbi Eliahu Shapira. He was one of the first rabbis to invite me to speak, at his Yeshiva in Peduel, and he reinvited me four months ago. He was a brave truth seeker. This week he was murdered by terrorists on the way to his school. When the IDF identify his murderers, a one ton bomb from an F-16 will be far too small to eliminate them. But identifying them will be tricky. Lately, the victims of terror in Emmanuel, a border post near Efrat and Adora saw light complexioned "Europeans" in IDF uniforms doing the deed. It seems, Israel has a foreign hit squad in its midst. Of Adora, and Telem, five IDF soldiers have been charged with selling large quantities of ammunition to the PLO. This crime stinks of a setup. Perceptive readers, keep your eyes open for any clues as to the truth. Believe nothing until this ugly frameup is exposed. We'll get there, even if it takes time. And time is working on our side in some small ways. Whenever I give a string of lectures, I meet eye-witnesses, or rather, they seek me out.This week I learned of still another Shabak agent murdered after the Rabin assassination. His name was Klein. His family lives in a religious neighborhood of Jerusalem. I was informed he was shot to death by an Uzi two weeks after Rabin's murder and the police declared it a suicide. It wasn't. I have the witnesses. If ever there is a fair trial to get to the truth of the Rabin assassination, unlike Raviv's judges, I know who to call. end

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 Here's a nice scandal. Meir Meshulum placed 22 documents related to the Rabin assassination on a major Hebrew forum. For 36 hours they were the subject of intense discussion...until the Shabak ordered them removed. Hebrew readers, please visit the following site, look at the reactions and the missing documents, then plaster the site with complaints. 00:28:22