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Dr. Graves to Dr. Horowitz Re: NAZI LINKS CONFIRMED

Dr. Boyd Graves <> wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz:

How can you call me a liar when I am quoting from a book with your name on

it?  See page 506, Emerging Viruses.

According to you, Garth Nicolson is Dr. Robert Gallo's counterpart in the

U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program.

According to you, the reason you do not mention the AIDS vaccine section of

the Special Virus program, PHASE IV-A (IMMUNOLOGICAL CONTROL), is because

you do not understand it.

According to you, you do not understand the 1971 blueprint flowchart

document. In fact you refer to it as 'that big long thing'.


When we pointed out to you several years ago about the conclusive link

between HIV/AIDS (U.S. Special Virus program) and the 1932 strain of NAZI

visna (PROC NAS VOL 83, pp. 4007 - 4011, June, 1986) you decried even

further that I was a liar.

You have successfully mounted a smear campaign against me (a person with

AIDS) in which to further draw attention away from the true,

laboratory-assisted origin of HIV/AIDS.

Your inability to address the patented AIDS cure, as a means of making

yourself available to Africa, proves you are silently content that there

will be no more Black Africans on the continent of Africa in 63 years.

You can now firmly connect the 1932 Tuskegee experiments with the 1932 nazi

sheep visna experiments. Isn't it your professional opinion that the people

should know the truth about the visna in HIV? The only way it could have

become to be there, according to the United States is by design.

As you are fully aware, page 39 of progress report #8 (1971) proves that

nazi visna was going to be used asa biological ethnic weapon. In 1971, this

secret, federal virus development program concedes that nazi sheep visna had

not YET appeared in human disease.

According to the Proceedings of the United States of America, HIV/AIDS

evovled from NAZI visna. The citation is PROC NAS VOl 83, pp. 4007 -4011,

June, 1986. This is the conclusion of our government, not Boyd Graves.

If as our government states in 1971 in the secret program, that nazi sheep

visna had not yet been associated with human disease, then but for this

federal program, how did nazi visna become associated with HIV/AIDS?

Dr. Horowitz, I invite you to debate the origin of the visna cells in the

HIV/AIDS genome, There is an event that is in December (the 15th) in

Atlanta, GA. I will contact the conference organizers and request they reach

you today.

Looking forward to seeing you again.


Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.



"Because of e.g., Rockefeller, Kissinger and Nixon (PL91-213, 3/16/70),

every hour 200+ Black people are being killed. There has never been a

greater, purposeful assault on humanity than that which you support by your

orchestrated silence, and "eugenics science" based on a flawed phylogenetic

tree with a slipknot! "

-Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. Lead Plaintiff for AIDS Apology

~From an open Lettter to Dr. David M. Hillis Institute for Cellular and

Molecular Biology School of Biological Sciences University of Texas October

23, 2000

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