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Dr. Coffin unable to respond to the nazi sheep visna connection to HIV/AIDS

4/15/03   Dear Dr. Coffin:   You continue to assert that I am simply making money from providng to the world the official documents of the U.S. Special Virus program (1948 - 1978). For your information, the federal judge overseeing the AIDS ORIGIN lawsuit ruled in February, 2003 that I be allowed to proceed in the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit (FOIA) without the prepayment of costs due to my "economic poverty". You continue to faslely portray that I am making money from the further public exposure of these official documents. My ecominc condition is a matter of the public record in the court case NO: 02 cv 2396, Graves v. U.S., Southern district of California. Your allegation of "money-grubbing" is patently false and appears to be rendered to affect the credibility of the official U.S. documents. You have made it exceedingly clear that you were completely unaware of the U.S. federal virus development program that paralleled the onset of HIV/AIDS. This secret federal virus program ended in 1978, just as HIV/AIDS was beginning in earnest. By every scientific measure, there was some kind of "mass infection" that occurred in the late 1970's, that assisted the mass destruction of human life that followed the release of the 'synthetic biological agent'. See, House Resolution 15090, Part VI funding, page 129, see also page 121.   On June 9, 1969, the united States confirmed under oath that it was seeking to make a 'synthetic biological agent' that would lead to world wide scourge and black death type plague in certain geographicla areas and regions of the world. The U.S.'s 'synthetic biological agent' would be one for which no natural immunity could have been acquired, and one that would lead to a deterioration of the immune system so as to allow for the onset of infectious disease. id.   The "research logic" flowchart of the secret program proves the United States made a "candidate human virus" and placed it into "clinical trials" (See, Phase V, 1971 flowchart) via vaccine complement.

The 1971 research logic flowchart depicts the development of the ESP-1 virus. The ESP-1 virus is a "synthetic biological agent" that was purified and shipped to vaccine developer, Pfizer. See, page 115, Progress report #8 (1971), U.S. Special Virus program..

In 1971, Dr. Robert Gallo published an electron microscope photo of the ESP-1 virus. In 1985, Dr. Gallo published electron microscope photos of HIV/AIDS and VISNA. At (x100,000.) magnification the three photos are identical.

Dr. Coffin how could HIV/AIDS have possibly been a "mystery disease" when you have an electron microscope of the virus genome from 1971?

Dr. Coffin, by what natural or accidental way did nazi sheep visna "cross species" into the human genome? According to your colleagues, nazi visna sheep disease sequences appearing in the genome of HIV/AIDS happened solely by the intentional acts of the Untied States. The secret program's "research logic" proves the iatrogenic evolution of nazi sheep visna in HIV/AIDS? According to your colleagues and the compelling substantial science, HIV/AIDS is a human lentivirus, developed from a 1932 strain of nazi sheep visna, strain KS1514.

The supercomputers at Los Alamos also came up with the year 1932 (1931) as the most likely origin date for HIV/AIDS. See, Associated Press article by Paul Recer, quoting Los Alamos scientist, Dr. Tanmoy Battacharaya.

Dr. coffin we again request that you proof the science conclusions from your own science journal, The Proceedings of the United States of America, Vol 83, pp. 4007 - 4011, June, 1986.

Dr. Coffin, in light of your bombastic ignorance, we will now join you as a 'hostile expert witness' in the federal AIDS ORIGIN lawsuit. your lack of expressed knowledge concerning the connection between nazi sheep visna and HIv/AIDs is critical to the American people fully understanding the extent to which this secret, federl virus development program has been hidden. According to Colonel Jack Kingston,(ret), the U.S. Special Virus program is the last remaining big secret from the 20th century.

The causative agent of HIV/AIDS is nazi sheep visna with the common progenitor being the "convergence" project as best outlined by the program's 1971 "research logic" convergence flowchart.

Your willingness to set aside citations from your own science journal in which to maintain an "out of Africa" for HIV/AIDS, speaks for itself. Now that we have the progress reports of the secret program, we now know that our government purposefully inoculated monkeys (beginning in 1962), with human diseases, and re-released them back into the wilds of Africa, solely for the purposes of finding ancestors of these monkeys to then subsequentlly confirm the origins of human disease as being primate. This secret monkey inoculation program is graphically detailed in the progress reports of the secret, federal virus development program.

The evidence conclusively proves that HIV/AIDs is the result of a secret federal virus development program that "complemented" the vaccine programs of 'smallpox' to Africa and 'experimental hepatitis B vaccine (batch 751) that was given to the White homosexuals recruited by the United States in Manhattan, New York.

It is the experiments and contracts of the U.S. Special Virus program that best illuminate the U.S. mindset of stealth biological weapons of mass destruction. Boyd E. Graves, J.D, 2003 nominee for the Jonathan Mann International AIDS Research Award. 619-204-5683

John Coffin <> wrote:

I have no desire to legitimize this nonsense or help promote your sales by debating you.  Further, there is no way I will pay you to look at your "evidence."

  April 12, 2003

  John M. Coffin, Ph.D
Professor, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

  Dear Profesoor Coffin:

              Recently you provided comments to a reporter from STATES NEWS SERVICE, Mr. Daniel Pulliam, concerning the growing science concluding that HIV/AIDS is man made. Your comments were arrogant and bombastic and appeared to simply demean me as the messenger of my eleven years of research into this solo issue. I write today to ensure that you have no further allusions about the compelling and substantial science facts which conclude the HIV/AIDS pandemic is the result of a secret virus development program of the United States, the U.S. Special Virus program (1948 ñ 1978).

  In response to your verbal tirade as expressed in your email to the wire service, I am formally providing you with the most direct citation proving the iatrogenic origin of HIV/AIDS. It is our understanding that you are a member of the National Academy of Sciences. According to your own science journal, the Proceedings of the United States of America, HIV/AIDS evolved from (nazi) visna. See, PROC NAS 83, 4007- 11, June, 1986. How is that HIV/AIDS and (nazi) visna share sequences?

  This point if further demonstrated by reading the conclusions of Dr. Robert Gallo (Science, 227, pp. 173 ñ 7, January, 1985), Dr. Matthew Gonda (PROC NAS 83) and Dr, Peter Sonigo (Cell 1985 Aug: 42(1) 369 ñ 382).

  Additoinally, in 1995 your own science journal concluded that (because of visna), sheep were the best animal model for testing new anti-HIV/AIDS drugs. See, PROC NAS 92, 3283 -3287, April 11, 1995.

  As one of our countryís alleged top micro and molecular biologist, we find it unfathomable that you have no prior knowledge of the etiological agent of HIV/AIDS! In light of the dubious origin of visna (nazi Germany), it does appear that you have a vested interest in hiding the truth about the true laboratory origin of HIV/AIDS.

  Please review the ìresearch logicî flowchart of the secret program (  and comment on Phase IV-A of the program. According to your colleagues ( , this federal virus development program should be immediately reviewed and investigated.
Of the fifteen progress reports of the federal virus development program, how many have you personally reviewed.

  Please give me a call. I would like to debate with you,  next Sunday on Boston radio on the compelling science contained in official U.S. documents graphically depicting the laboratory birth of HIV/AIDS.

Boyd E. Graves, J.D.
2770 2nd Avenue Unit 310
San Diego, CA 92103

Boyd E. Graves, J.D.
Cell - 619-204-5683
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Boyd E. Graves, J.D.
Cell - 619-204-5683
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