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Image Steve Alexander  Copyright 2002

While we were all pondering on a rather slow start to the

 season in Wiltshire, an event took place, just outside

 of the village of Beckhampton that may have officially

 started the 2002 crop circle season. 

The two huge stones, known as Adam and Eve, are situated between Folly Hill and the Beckhampton Drove. The field they reside in, is known as Longstones Field. To my knowledge, there has never been a formation in this particular field, which has surprised many of us in the crop circle world. However, this year has come close, as this articulate formation appeared in the neighbouring field towards the Downs of Avebury Trusloe.     Image Steve Alexander  Copyright 2002
  The new formation certainly came as a surprise to all of us. We obviously had a few events before, but the quality of this formation surpassed anything we had earlier. On entering the formation, you could see the quality of the floor pattern. Barley tends to recover very quickly, so time is of the essence to witness the floor as it was created. However we arrived at the formation just in time, as another day would have made it very difficult for any judgement.
  The design itself would appear to be some kind of Celtic knot, with 39 outside circles, connected to its outer ring. These circles had a standing center within each one. The inner section of the design includes six interlocking Convex Equilateral Triangles. A feature that was seen before, within a few formations from the 1999 crop circle season in Wiltshire. Are we about to see a re-emergence of this triangle in the designs? 

Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2002

Within many of the reports this year, I will be mentioning some personal experiences within the formations. I feel the relevance of this is justified, when necessary to mention. I felt my first TM experience within this formation is worth mentioning, because of  my increasing idea that the human mind is somehow connected with the designs in the landscape. Anyone who is wondering what TM is, this is Transcendental Meditation.  

I confess to being a novice at TM, as I have only been practicing this technique for three months from writing this report. However the twenty minutes I carried out in the central part of the formation, was one of the best I have experienced. The evening itself was quite blustery, and using the photography pole wasn’t easy. We both felt rather cold, and the prospect of sitting in one place for twenty minutes wasn’t really favourable. But around 7 minutes into the meditation, the wind dropped to complete stillness, and one could sense that the immediate environment around me had changed. Two very subtle crackles were heard on the ground, to my left and directly in front of myself. I couldn’t say what they were, but I didn’t finish the mediation to investigate, as this can make you feel rather tired. However the meditation was very powerful for myself, and I am sure the crop circle itself was having some influence on my experience.  

A sigh of relief was felt when we heard of this formation. Our patience has been rewarded with a quality formation, and a location that was welcoming to all the crop circle researchers in Wiltshire. The 2002 crop circle season starts here!

Report by Stuart Dike


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