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Criminal activity in the AIDS origins FOIA lawsuit

by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. March 25, 2004 Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

SAN DIEGO - Could two NINTH CIRCUIT JUDGES be going to jail along with a San Diego federal judge? According to Beth Levine, a Justice Department Attorney defending against the AIDS ORIGIN Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, a January Order issued by Judges Beezer and Silverman is not based on anything filed in the San Francisco appeals court or the San Diego federal court where the case originated.

A January 15, 2004 Order issued by the two judges de-certified the in propria persona appeal of Boyd Ed Graves, a veteran AIDS activist lawyer, who has continuously sued the United States for “full disclosure” of the mostly secret, U.S. Special Virus Cancer program (1948 – 1978).

U.S. attorney Levine confirms, “ I pointed it out in my brief”, Judge Miller did not alert the parties he was de-certifying the appeal”.

Plaintiff-appellant, Boyd Ed Graves, will ask the Justice Department for an immediate criminal investigation.

We are simply not going to accept real time conspiratorial or further contumacious behavior on behalf of our government or any of its trilateral officials who might seek to attempt to further hide the truth regarding the 'state-approved,' synthetic, laboratory origin of HIV/AIDS,” Graves said. “Here the ‘secret agent man’ is 'invisible,' casting an 'ethnic biological death net,' equally unseen”, he said.

The NINTH CIRCUIT is seeking to dismiss this case illegally in which to continue to foster an African origin of HIV/AIDS. The U.S. science proves HIV/AIDS was co-mingled with nazi sheep visna disease as a part of the U.S. Special Virus program, beginning in about 1971. See, page 39 progress report #8 (1971), U.S. Special Virus program (1948 – 1978) (nazi sheep visna not YET associated with human disease).

In 1986, the United States concedes that HIV/AIDS had evolved from nazi sheep visna disease. See, PROC NAS VOL 83, pp. 4007 – 4011, June 1986. This science paper is again supported by the United States in 1995, when pedophile scientist Carlton Gajdusek presents that sheep are the best animal model for the testing of new anti-HIV/AIDS drugs.

The 1932 strain of nazi sheep visna disease sequences in the genome of HIV/AIDS alone prove the iatrogenic origin of HIV/AIDS. The only ‘mystery’ surrounding HIV/AIDS appears to be ‘how long before the good people DEMAND the U.S. patented cure be “mass released”, U.S. patent #5676977(TETRASIL/IMUSIL).

The 1971 flowchart is the blueprint for the development of AIDS, according to the experts .

"Criminal Judicial Activism requires a response…. Infinite three square," Graves said. “We have found the wellspring of the genesis of the AIDS pandemic, it is our nation state, it is us….”



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