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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most common chronic illnesses of our time and one of the most misunderstood. CFS disproportionately affects women. There is no known etiology and no known diagnostic marker. This syndrome has been called the “Yuppie Flu”, alluding to that fact that stressed out overachievers were the primarily victims. The negative stigma that this created has taken much time to right itself, but now medical circles are taking note of the magnitude of CFS’s existence and the severity of its symptoms. CFS is not going away. CFS is increasing exponentially, and gaining momentum. For some time scientists wondered whether the Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) might be causing this group of symptoms. New evidence indicated that high levels of EBV antibodies have now been found in some healthy people as well as CFS people. Today CFS is referred to as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Post-viral Fatigue Syndrome and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. No matter what name you give it, the symptoms disable countless numbers of individuals in the prime of their life.

How It All Begins

Most CFS patients can identify when their fatigue began. Frequently, it sets in after a bout with a cold, bronchitis, hepatitis, or an intestinal bug. Any illness that temporarily saps energy coupled with high stress, seems to provide the perfect environment for CFS.


?? Fatigue, low-grade fever

?? Muscle aches and pains,


?? Depression, psychological stress, anxiety and panic attacks

?? Poor sleep

?? Nausea, loss of appetite

?? Inability to concentrate, mind fog, memory

?? Environmental allergies, headaches

?? Wide spread yeast infection


?? Low thyroid function

?? Gastrointestinal trouble

?? Low blood sugar, sugar intolerance, reactive hypoglycemia

?? Immune system malfunctions

The Viral Connection

The majority of CFS cases begin with a flu or mono-like illness therefore many viruses, bacteria and toxins have been studied as possible causes of CFS. Most viruses, the most notable being Epstein- Barr virus have been excluded because of their relative commonness in the general population and the inability to link any pathogen to all CFS cases. Herpes and Candidiasis have also been blamed for CFS. Even so, there is still much debate in scientific circles over whether any pathogenic agent will emerge as the only cause of CFS. Current thinking indicates that there are multiple triggers of CFS in genetically, environmentally or otherwise susceptible individuals.

Even though connections have been made between CFS and enteroviruses such as Polio and Cocksackie virus, these may be causative agents but CFS is not dependent on their presence. The reaction of the immune system to vaccinations and immunizations may set up our propensity towards acquiring CFS.

Other Possible Contributors to CFS:

Acne, Sinusitis, cystitis


?? People with CFS are seven times more likely to

have mycoplasmal infections

?? 422 out of 10,000 people have CFS, and 90%

have not been officially diagnosed

?? CFS has likely been around for centuries. It

historically has been known as “the vapors”

(18th century), and “soldiers heart”

during WWI. Some believe that “Gulf War Syndrome”

shares many of the symptoms of CFS.

  Genetic factors, mercury toxicity amalgams Bowel toxemia, fungi, protozoa, parasites Lifestyle factors (inadequate sleep, exercise, rest) Hormonal imbalances Increased muscle tensions, breathing changes Alcohol, drug and tobacco use

Immune System Damage, Increased Candidiasis, Heavy Metals

A high percentage of CFS patients produce an overabundance of monocytes. Monocytes produce lymphokines, which can make you feel very ill. Typically these cells are damaged and dysfunctional with CFS. In Japan, CFS is know as Low Natural Killer Cell Syndrome. They have been able to determine that damage does occur to the autonomic or involuntary nervous system which interferes with the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure. Many CFS patients experience low blood pressure. Another study indicates that approximately 70% of CFS patients have mycoplasma in the blood. Individuals with a tendency towards viruses and who have been exposed to radiation and pollutants seem to be at greater risk for these types of infections. Mycoplasma is a primitive form of bacteria in the blood of some CFS and Gulf War Syndrome patients. Fibrin on the walls of blood vessels creates low oxygen areas where cells cannot produce adequate amounts of energy. Oxygen is needed to oxidize viruses and bacteria out of system. Exposure to toxins and chemicals in the environment wears out the immune system over time and causes Th-2 cell overactivation. Bio-toxins, regardless of their pathogenic origin, all do damage and set off the body’s inflammatory response. The body is tricked into launching attacks on many organ systems, joints, muscles, nerves and brain. The reactivation of cardiac infection has also been seen in CFS.

Heavy Metals

Hair Analysis Reports on CFS patients typically indicate systemic heavy metal poisoning. The first Hair Analysis just begins to tell the story. Once you actively begin eliminating these toxins, the presence of even more metals appear. Cadmium toxicity is commonly found in those with immune deficiency. Cadmium interferes with zinc metabolism. Excessive copper oxidizes vitamin C and diminishes zinc. Both low sodium/ potassium ratio or a calcium/magnesium ratio contribute to energy loss and glucose intolerance, both symptoms of CFS. Aluminum held in tissue causes disruptions of the pituitary, thyroid, hippocampus and adrenal glands. Women, in particular, tend to hold mercury twice as much as males. It is interesting to note that the body actually attracts metals to it when there is an imbalance of minerals in the body. Also, if heavy metals exist in abundance in tissue, parasites thrive off the environment. Remember high school? Parasites were kept alive in Petri dishes by using metals to sustain them! Do you suppose there is any relationship? It’s time to detoxify!

Dizziness and Equilibrium Problems, Brain Malfunction

Nearly all CFS patients experience some form of equilibrium problems and bouts with dizziness. Much of this can be attributed to interference with brain function. Headaches, memory loss, confusion and pressure in the head can develop with CFS. There is a theory that suggests that the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis is over stimulating the adrenal glands but with proper nutritional support, the pressure valve on this system can be alleviated. Toxic brain fog is often a result of the circulation of debris within, emanating from undigested food particles, environmental stress ors or activated viruses and bacteria. Heavy metals alone can bring on fatigue, mind fog, short term memory loss, concentration problems and loss of balance. The “woolly head” symptom is also prevalent with those who manifest allergies with CFS. Some researchers use the theory of neural deregulation and limbic system involvement to explain just how the brain is affected by CFS. Other studies indicate that elevated levels of choline substances exist in the basal ganglia region of the brain of CFS people. The only explanation for this is exposure to infectious agents or neuro-toxins. Upon examination, many CFS patients have swelling in the brain or demyelization. If this is you, it is time for detoxification. Super Foods such as Barley and Wheatgrass are extremely valuable agents for cleaning up the blood, as they remove toxic substances and also rejuvenate the vitality of the immune system.

Food Allergies and the Importance of Diet

Environmental allergens exist around us at all times but it is only when the immune system is compromised, that the overloaded internal environment reacts. The food-brain connection is highly sensitive in the CFS individual therefore increasing intolerance to foods. Foods can have a sedative-hypnotic effect on the brain and body, spinning it into fatigue, aches and pains, disorientation, etc. This signal from the body needs to be listened to! It does everything possible to protect us from the mutilating effects of the reduced oxygen. Diet is crucial to building the immune system to conquer CFS. High-nutrients, healthy protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats need to form the foundation of daily food intake. Diet determines whether we will have the ammunition to fight the battle within.

Whether dealing with a debilitating condition such as CFS or not, diet is the key! Most people eat a diet consisting mostly of acid producing foods that over time, weaken the immune system. The integrity of the inner terrain determines your ability to recover.

Why Me? The Stress Factor

Some research identifies that the inherited integrity of the endocrine gland system determines vulnerability to CFS. The ability of the adrenal glands to handle the stressors in life illustrates how our internal buffering system will protect us. Many dedicated researchers, such as Harrower, have held to the plural glandular concept for CFS, which establishes involvement of the liver, kidneys and spleen in the process of acquiring and sustaining the existence of CFS. This is true also for such conditions as Fibromyalgia. So where does this all begin?

Does it start with a vaccination, a virus, a traumatic event? Does the presence of denatured foods in our diet and the over-whelming number of toxins in the air, water and environment contribute to acquiring Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health found that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients had lesser amounts of the “fight or flight” hormone, called cortisol. There was also a decreased amount of the hormone CRH responsible for the production of cortisol. This is a primary factor in fatigue and lethargy. Interestingly, people with depression have higher levels of CHR and cortisol which dissolves the myth that depression is a causal factor in CFS. Cortisol deficiency is the most common hormone imbalance in both CFS and AIDS patients. Reducing stress, though, regardless of what condition you are dealing with, isessential to good health. Stress ultimately depletes the reserves within. Once you build up enough reserves, vitality and energy return.

Hypothalamus involvement contributes to the emotional symptoms experienced. This is not a result of clinical depression but rather, a literal physical cause. Cerebral protrusions have been identified in CFS. Current research is showing that CFS and Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) are caused by chronic infectious agents which have long incubation periods ranging from months to years. It sometimes takes just one major stressor to tip the scale. Besides the external environmental contributors, the immunization issue once again comes to the forefront for contributory consideration.

All pieces of the puzzle must be in place in order to conquer CFS and auto-immune conditions. There is no doubt, however, that CFS and all its associated symptoms, increase the propensity towards depression.

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The CFS, Hypothyroid and the Diet Connection

There is tremendous overlapping of symptoms with respect to CFS and Hypothyroidism. Both conditions can be misdiagnosed and some patients have suffered unnecessarily because of it.

There is also a significant relationship between thyroid function and the foods we eat. As an example, too many soy based foods or goitrogenic foods diminish the function of the thyroid gland. Too many carbohydrates can suppress thyroid function as well as create candidiasis. A yeast overgrowth contributes significantly to excessive toxic debris circulating in the blood stream, which leads to aches and pains. And all of this, of course, leads to feeling depressed, fatigued and lethargic, with a side order of brain fog. Most likely, all of this is giving you a headache and keeping you awake at night! This example is not meant to make fun of your situation but it clearly emphasizes the importance of putting a plan into action.

Choosing the right foods is the number one place to start. A diet based on simple raw foods will be most advantageous. At the Wolfe Clinic we make diet planning a priority. Keeping foods as alkaline as possible is critical to the ability to regain health, vigor and vitality. Being disciplined and dedicated to these recommendations will be well worth the effort invested. Let us build you a program for success!

Digestive Difficulties

When undigested food proteins enter the blood-stream, the immune system activates specific white blood cells to engulf, digest and destroy the undigested food substances. This draws huge energy from the reserves and consequently, exhaustion occurs. Undigested proteins create numerous problems. The higher the protein wastes, the more toxic the system. Elevated Nitrate Urea levels are strong indicators of the existence of putrefying proteins. Constipation indicates congestion in the bowel. The more refined foods, cooked meat, eggs, dairy, grains and antibiotics that are used, the greater the opportunity for imbalance to occur. Imbalance spells vulnerability. Protein build-up is not restricted to meateaters but is seen equally as often in vegetarians and vegans. pH levels determine the efficiency of digestion and clearly representthe ability of the liver to do its job. Do you know your pH?

Digestive difficulties subside with making sensible food choices. In the case of very compromised systems in CFS, it is critical to include supplementation to assist the journey to health and wellness. For additional support please see our onlinebooklets:

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