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The CDC: Centers for Deceit Control

According to organizations representing parents of autistic children, officials

at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may have conspired to conceal data connecting the use of vaccines to developmental disorders in children. 

Groups such as the National Autism Association, Generation Rescue, A-Champ, NoMercury, Moms Against Mercury and AutismOne have long argued that a mercury-based chemical called thimerosal, used as a preservative in some vaccines, can cause children to develop autism. 

Recently, these groups sponsored a full-page ad in USA Today arguing that the CDC knew "that the ambitious immunization schedule begun in the 1990s, nearly tripling the amount of mercury injected into our children, created an epidemic of autism in America." 

They are basing their accusation on internal CDC and FDA e-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and are demanding that criminal charges be brought against the officials involved. 

The CDC argues that there is no scientific evidence that vaccinations contribute to autism, and that the benefits of vaccination also outweigh the risks.

The Hill April 6, 2006

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

As you know, there aren't enough eyes keeping track of all the health-harming decisions made by the CDC, an organization compromised through-and-through by the for-profit industries that pass themselves off as conventional medicine. 

You may remember the awesome article I shared with you last summer about mercury's presence in vaccines, written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., that described how hard the CDC worked at burying the truth about thimerosal, the mercury preservative that is added to vaccines. 

It should come as no major surprise that the CDC still defends the use of thimerosal, sending representatives to various state legislatures to testify against its removal. The real reasons they do so is to protect their true partners, the multi-national drug corporations, from countless millions in losses. 

With that in mind, you'll want to review the content of, a Web site dedicated to exposing the toxic link between vaccines laced with thimerosal and the epidemic of autism, as well as other neurological disorders. 

The type of morally reprehensible behavior exhibited by the CDC is a strong illustration of why the American conventional "health" care system is fatally flawed. If you are unsure about the safety of vaccines, I strongly encourage you to examine the evidence carefully, because the consequences can be severe and tragic.

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