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We now understand the chemical mechanisms of respiration and fermentation at the cellular level. And due to the work of Dr. Otto Warburg, since 1926 we have known that when a cell is deprived of oxygen, down to about 40% of normal, its respiration is irreversibly damaged. This damage causes the cell to begin to ferment sugar anerobically producing carbon monoxide and lactic acid, and only 1/6 of the energy of normal cellular aerobic oxidation. The cell loses its governor on growth and begins to grow wildly - - what we call cancer.

This oxygen deficiency, or hypoxia, can be caused by many factors. Some poison may reach the cell and prevent oxygen uptake, or the excretory duct of a gland may become plugged up, as in breast cancer being cause by lymph gland plugging. But the end result is the same. As soon as the oxygen level to the cell is reduced, if the cell does not die, cancer will result. Frequent small doses of respirtory poisons are therefore more dangerous than a single large dose, where there is the chance that the cells will be killed rather than become cancerous.

All carcinogens impair cellular respiration. The word carcinogen is an empty word. The continual search for more carcinogenic substances is an utter waste of time and money, because this obscures the true cause of cancer, which is the oxygen starvation of the cell. It also prevents the treatment of cancer, because of misunderstanding the cause.

To destroy cancer, what is required is the introduction of massive amounts of oxygen at the cellular level. This can be done by ingesting magnesium peroxide or introducing ozone. These two treatments have been in use for over 75 years, with excellent success. They must be taken in sufficient quantities to flood the cells with oxygen, killing the cells which are now operating anaerobically.

We have recently seen people using ozone with rectal insufflation who have had mixed results. This is due to the bowel being compacted over the years with fecal material trapped in the folds. In these cases, the ozone is merely reacting with this old material, some of which may have been held there for ten or twenty years, and providing no benefit to the body.

This points out the necessity for undergoing a thorough cleansing of the large intestine by a qualified colon therapist before beginning rectal insufflation. Also, it is necessary to take the ozone in as many different ways as possible, in order that the cells become flooded with oxygen. It is not sufficient to take just a small amount to kill an active cancer. For breast cancer, direct injection into the tumor is possible. For liver cancer, injection into the portal vein, as developed by Dr. William Turska, is necessary. For other cancers, injection in the arm is usually employed.

Another effect we have observed is that there is a cycle of activity to the effectiveness of ozone. As near as we can tell, the cycle is linked to the phases of the moon. The moon governs the tides of the earth and the emotions of mankind. Since the emotions are directly linked to the immune system, the healing process would seem to be influenced by our faithful heavenly partner.

Ozone also has the ability to prevent cancer. If sufficient oxygen is provided to the cells so that they never drop below 40%, they will stay healthy, barring any chemical or radiation poisoning. It is as simple, and as difficult, as that. Many people today are using ozone generators to keep their cellular oxygen levels high, to prevent disease.

Ozone may be taken into the body in many ways. You can drink ozonated water, introduce it into the ear, or you can step into a body suit after a hot shower and allow ozone to come in through the skin. Ozone can be taken with rectal or vaginal insufflation. People often ask whether they will have to continue to take ozone for the rest of their life.

We say that if you want to eliminate toxins from your body every day and prevent your cells from being deprived of oxygen and thus turning anaerobic, then taking ozone daily is a small price to pay. As previously said, when a cell is not receiving enough oxygen, it begins to ferment sugar and produce lactic acid. This lactic acid accumulates in the tissues and causes many problems. To remove it, it is necessary to do deep muscle massage, with ozonated olive oil, perhaps followed by ozone with a body suit or in the Saunette. This will oxidize the lactic acid and allow it to be eliminated from the body.

We hear a great deal about cholesterol and clogging of the arteries, and there are any number of diets aimed at reducing the intake of dietary cholesterol. However, cholesterol is produced by the body as a natural lubricant, and new research shows that dietary cholesterol intake is not directly related to cholesterol levels.

The problem is apparently caused by chlorine reacting with the cholesterol and causing it to coagulate on the walls of the arteries, forming plaque. The sources of chlorine are many, but the major ones are the drinking water supply and the salt in food. We have been told to lower our intake of sodium, but chlorine seems to be a worse culprit, especially in atherosclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure. When ozone is ingested over time, it scours out the arteries by oxidizing the plaque, cleaning the system so blood can flow properly. Ozone also reduces the clumping of red blood cells, enabling them to pick up oxygen in the lungs, and increasing their flexibility, which is crucial to microcirculation through the fine capillaries.

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