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Bull Used In Spain As Dart Board

City Hall of Coria


Avd. Extremadura, 39
10800 Coria

Diputacion Provincial de Caceres
Plaza de Santa Maria, s/n
10071 Caceres
fax: +34 927255471;

email: presidencia @ dip    (remove spaces)

Honorable Officials: 

I have chosen to send the following letter, because it accurately describes my feelings on this issue.
I am shocked to learn that authorities in Coria, Spain and the European Union (EU) not only condone, but also promote the grossly inhumane Fiesta of San Juan.

In an effort to keep the Spanish "tradition" alive, tourists and locals chase a bull through the streets to shoot darts into the terrified animal. Men aim for sensitive areas such as the nose, eyes and testicles. After at least two hours of sheer agony, the weak and blood-drenched animal is castrated while still alive.

I understand the EU subsidizes the town of Coria because this so-called festival enhances tourism. My friends, family and colleagues would never spend our vacation dollars in a country that brutalizes animals for public amusement.

Tradition is never an excuse for cruelty. If it were, human slavery, lynching, cannibalism or foot-binding would still be acceptable cultural mores. Neither heritage, culture, entertainment, art, nor religion justify outright torture.

Scientists have long confirmed that animals exhibit an elaborate range of psychological, perceptual, behavioral, personal and communal initiative. They communicate differently, but the voice is there. They do not want to be gored and mutilated. Like us, they want to live.

It is time for Spain to outlaw all archaic animal sacrifices--or face worldwide censure. My family will not vacation in Coria until laws are enacted to prohibit such cruel spectacles as the Fiesta of San Juan. 

We will boycott Spain, and all products from Spain. We will boycott travel to Spain, and spread this information far and wide, so other compassionate people around the world will do the same, until the Spanish government outlaws this, and all the barbaric cruel torture, and murder of animals in Spain

Thank you,

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