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Breast cancer virus (man made)

Breast cancer is a mycoplasma tweaked for its virulence inside the U.S. Special Virus program.

When did the African woman get screwed by a rat?

The relationship to human breast cancer of a rat virus will be difficult to explain but for the continued dogged pursuit of 'men playing God'. It will be even more difficult for Len to say this program 'had absolutely nothing to do with the development of AIDS, although that is the ONLY conclusion of his book.

In January Len informed the govt investigators the 1971 flowchart is meaningless (because as a dentist, he didn't understand it). The govt was more than happy to oblige him and issued a June 17, 2002 report reflecting Len's "expertise".

Now we know that HIV/AIDS came from this U.S. program and HIV/AIDS is a virtual animal duck soup virus cultured in human tissues and cells, including HeLa cells (female, Black cancer cells). HIV/AIDS is part sheep, cow, rat, monkey, etc.

If it weren't for Africans fucking anything, we wouldn't have this scourge on the planet. Right Len Horowitz and your gestapo govt investigators.

Instead of seeking to find commonality, Dr. Horowitz created a scenario in his mind and others where his own information must be defeated for the survival of the Christian hegelian dialectic.

Dr. Horowitz we see your beastly mark. It is the three six-sided mycoplasmas on the cover of the secret, stealth genocide program, the U.S. Special Virus program. Once we learned that the 1910 Rous Sarcoma virus was man made, it all makes sense. 20 million people died in 1918 from an "influenza" virus that had been "recombined" with this new Rous sarcoma virus and the people had no "natural immunity". Pursuant to the wants of a eugenics world, another plague would have to kill a lot of Black people, and more and more and more....

Thank you Professor Lee for assisting our process of truth and fact. I recall nothing from Len Horowitz extolling your lunacy. In fact I recall nothing from Dr. Horowitz to Edward Hooper (The River). I wonder why Len said nothing when he was left out of the 1,000+ page expose into thr origin of AIDS?

IF Len were who he says he is, and particularly, the person he shows when others investigate his work, he would be livid that someone would ignore his life's work, in which to sell their book.

Please note for the record, Dr. Horowitz refuses to respond to debate, preferring to spew evil snippets of arrogance and bombasticity to anyone who would dare attempt to help continue the Black population on the planet. Now that he is saying things contrary to his own conclusion, it is clear he will say anything.

Dr. Horowitz, the  five year old U.S cure for AIDS (patent #5676977) has not been mentioned by you in you stated quest to save millions. Boyd E. Graves, J.D.619-204-5683

 Bob Lee wrote:


1: Ann Clin Lab Sci 1991 Nov-Dec;21(6):402-12
Sequence homology of deoxyribonucleic acid to mouse mammary tumor virus genome in human breast tumors.

Szakacs JG, Moscinski LC.

Department of Pathology, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida, Tampa 33612.

Fifty-two human breast tumors were screened for the presence of DNA homology to mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) using molecularly cloned MMTV proviral genomic DNA probes and dot-blot hybridization. Seven patients were found to contain an entire provirus (gag, pol, env, and LTR positive at high stringency). Fifty percent (5/10) of patients having a first degree relative with breast carcinoma were found to have DNA homology to the gag-pol portion of the MMTV genome when hybridization and washing was performed at moderate (56C) stringency. Thirty-nine percent (7/18) of patients with any positive family history and 23 percent (8/34) of patients with a negative family history demon! st! rated homology under these parameters. Of the patients positive for gag-pol at moderate stringency, fewer had taken exogenous hormones than the sample group (20 percent vs 52 percent), more were parous (93 percent vs 68 percent), estrogen receptor positive (69 percent vs 48 percent), and male (13 percent vs 4 percent). At higher stringency (62C) no correlation to family history, hormone use or sex was detected, but positivity was noted among estrogen and progesterone receptor positive patients (67 percent vs 48 percent). Under lower stringency wash conditions, mismatched MMTV-related sequences are identified suggesting the existence of an endogenous gene with partial homology to MMTV. High stringency hybridization may identify a related retrovirus with significant homology to MMTV.

PMID: 1664195 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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