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Boyd Graves concludes Dr. Len Horowitz is correct; Horowitz says Graves is lying

Boyd Graves concludes as does Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Garth Nicoslon, Dr. Eva Snead, Professor Robert E. Lee, Dr. Dean Loren, Esq, Dr. Bruce Halstead. Dr. Peter Piot, that the HIV enzyme is the result of many steps in the laboratory.

There was no HIV prior to the U.S. Special Virus program according to Dr. Horowitz, Nicolson and Professor Lee.  The Program's 1971 "research logic" flowchart depicts placing into "clinical trials", a "special" virus, developed in accordance with the blueprint.

Dr. Len Horowitz has had in his possession progress report #9 (1972) of the U.S. Special Virus program longer than any other person. Last year he demanded to see the citation to Garth Nicolson (Len was trying to provide cover for Nicolson's activities in the secret virus program. He was trying to say that Nicolson had joined the program in the late 70's after all the dirty work had been done). When Horowitz was directed to Nicolson's 1972 AIDS development assignment, he said, "I have never seen that in there before, spoon feed me Boyd, spoon feed me." When Horowitz was then directed to Nicolson's report and seven papers in progress report #10 (1973), he said that Nicolson need further investigation. This was the same thing that Horowitz said in Denver in August of this year.

However, it is what Dr. Horowitz said in August of 1999 following the Canadian Conference that I and Garth Nicolson attended. Remeber, Garth Nicolson, a scientist I did not know, interrupted my presentation on two occasions. The first time, Garth stopped my presentation and 'wanted to see the flowchart'. The second time he stopped my presentation in Canada with a verbal outburst, "My name might be in one of those (progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program) but I had nothing to do with it (the development of AIDS). IT was like a Gary Hart "Monkey Business" moment if you know what I mean. Prior to that point, I had no reason to look in the progress reports for him. The Monday morning following my return from Canada. I called Len Horowitz. I began to tell him about my encounters with this Garth Nicolson. He interrupted me and said, "He's Gallo's counterpart in the Special virus program. Didn't you read that in my book?" I said no I had no reason to look for this guy! , ! why would he be having a private meeting with the pope. He and his wife had a vatican secret service guard who had a picture of Garth and his wife with the pope.. Horowitz said, "Club of Rome", "Illuminati", it's all in my book, Boyd".

Following my call to Len Horowitz, I immediately called Dr. Alan R. Cantwell, M.D.. TO paraphrase, he wanted to know what was Garth Nicolson doing at the Canadian Conference and whether or not he was disruptive or not. It was at this point in time that I chose to accept Garth's "monkey business" invitation and began tracking his work inside the secret federal program.

As Len Horowitz knows Garth Nicolson first appears in the U.S. Special Virus program in 1972. As Len Horowitz knows, Garth Nicolson did not join later. Len Horowitz is providing cover for an AIDS developer. It is more important that Boyd Graves be made out as some kind of liar, than it is for Len Horowitz to press to dismantle the secret program.

For the record, Dr. Horowitz, it is Dr. Gallo who said the conversation in your book concering him did not happen.

It is also true you have never mentioned the U.S. patented cure for AIDS: "TETRASIL" (U.S. Patent#5676977). It is also true that you can't find your way to the "Immunological Control" experiments (HIV/AIDS antidotes) in the secret program to the detriment of the 42 million people now living as HIV positive.

One need only listen to Len Horowitz and Garth Nicolson in their audiotape, "Virus Makers of the CIA" to know they have a vested interest in 'artificial intelligence' (pay no attention to the Black Eagle Scout, Graduate of Annapolis, Military Intelligence Cryptographer and his ten years of thorough research citations, because we want you to believe that he is a liar. . . .you must believe that Boyd Graves is a liar...) Boyd E. Graves. J.D.


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