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October 18, 2002

 The (Biological) Sky is Now Falling for People of Color

By: Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

 Because of the parallelisms of  ‘chicken little’, I know people are uncomfortable and distrusting of bearers of truth. In a general sense, I would not have endeavored to pursue the origin of HIV/AIDS, other than my positive test, now some ten years ago.

 The HIV/AIDS enzyme was designed under a secret U.S. program, called the “Special Virus”. According to Dr. Len Horowitz; ‘in the dictum of shadow governments’, special means secret or CIA-related. The science evidence clearly shows the United States has secretly spent one hundred years seeking (biologically recombined) “contagious” cancers that “selectively” kills. The science evidence concludes the United States had what they believed a “transmissible agent” akin to African Americans in 1902.

 According to page 2 of the first available progress report of the secret program, it confirms the United States was seeking to make a candidate “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The first contract of the program seeks to develop a candidate “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The program’s blueprint depicts the “convergence” of two viral agents in accordance with the sixty page narrative explanation.

 As you look at the flowchart of the program, you notice a couple of things immediately. First on your far left you see the document does say “research logic” and second, towards the top side ride you see, “Immunological Control”. It is these specific experiments that will show us the controls and inhibitors of HIV/AIDS as they knew them then. It is our belief that review of the program beginning with the listed antidote experiments and contracts should be our highest priority, eight point two days a week.

 To those who say: this issue is not important because only the scourge Negro and other kinds of people like them are the only ones who are purposefully being killed, and in a way, that is kind of o.k. We respond the science reveals that there is a high probability that aerosol and mosquito vectors will convey a “mystery illness” similar to a mix of HIV and influenza. Additionally, and perhaps the most important discovery of this process has been the blood-marker receptor site in the blood of the Black population. Thus they have studied for one hundred years and then some, to make something that will connect to this site, enter the Black genome, pathogenically dismantle Black immnity and eliminate all with the receptor site. The science concludes many, many diseases are products of “human assisted” recombinant genetics and several target the CCR5 Delta 32 Positive receptor site.

 It is no wonder Dr. Alan S. Rabson, the Deputy Director for Cancer for the United States, destroyed all files, records, emails, flowcharts, etc., of our prior communications. Dr. Rabson stopped assisting the people’s inquiries for two reasons. First, in attempting to bluff, Dr. Rabson offered a Zinder Report, which concluded the “Special (AIDS) Virus” program ended in 1977, produced nothing and was a complete failure. Dr. Horowitz miss-references the report in his book. The people provided Dr. Rabson the 1978 progress report of the program. Dr. Rabson was also given the conclusion of veteran AIDS researcher, Alan R. Cantwell, M.D., that the program had made 60,000 liters of stuff identical to HIV. Dr. Rabson had to thwart our efforts for a far greater reason, we had located his name in the progress reports of the development of HIV/AIDS. Sure as heck, a cursory review of Dr. Horowitz’s book list page 12 of the 1971 report and Dr. Rabson was a member of! the “Development Committee”. Remember, the first experiment contract for the program deals with a “leukemia/lymphoma” virus as is called for in the program’s narrative. According to Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Luc Montagnier, writing jointly in 1984, before HIV became a word, the original name of HIV is “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The sky is falling for people of color because we have allowed our basic intellectual sense of reason to become distorted in the quest for acceptance. We have become dependent on narcissistic gratification, through sports, music, movies and religion, that it is ‘automatic’ to pay no attention if it ain’t at your doorway.

  On March 16, 1970, President Richard Nixon said there will be explosive events in the last third of the 20th Century regarding population stabilization. It is the White population that is being stabilized, our is being eliminated.

 Suddenly, there was epidemic death in Africa and Manhattan. Epidemics created by  “vaccine-complement” injection pursuant to the “clinical trials” phase of the “research logic” flowchart of the Special (AIDS) Virus program of the United States of America (1948 – 1978). “Chicken Little, I feel you….”.

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