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Behind the Scenes of "Science" for Meat and Dairy

This Dairy Whore is a Liar Too 

Headline: Eating Yogurt Prevents Obesity Prediction: Get set for a new wave of dairy promotion, based upon a phony study. 

On June 5th, 2002, the Honolulu Star Bulletin interviewed Dr. Michael Zemel, a nutritionist/ researcher who prostitutes himself for the dairy industry at the University of Tennessee. 

The Star Bulletin wrote: 

"Dr. Michael B. Zemel...has identified a fairly complex sequence of metabolic events that show how increased calcium intake, especially from dairy foods, causes fat cells to make and store less fat and to release more fat." 

Zemel was asked about possible conflicts of interest. His response: 

"And no, we don't get funding from the dairy industry." 

Uh, huh. That reminds me of Richard Nixon's famous "I am not a crook" comment. My investigation of Dr. Zemel finds that the man is a common liar. Was $2,231,385 given to Michael Zemel by milk producers because he's a nice guy? 

Two weeks after that interview appeared, Zemel was awarded a $941,202 two-year grant from the National Dairy Council to explore the role of dairy products in weight loss. 

Soon after, Zemel received an additional $289,500 from his same benefactors to explore weight loss in African- American adults. 

While being interviewed for the story, Zemel was completing work on a $190,425 National Dairy Council research study: Interaction Between Calcium-Rich Dairy Products and Dietary Macronutrients in Modulating Weight Loss in Obese Mice. 

This phony liar has a long history with the dairy industry. The year before, he received $103,360 from the National Dairy Council for research on The Effects of Calcium-Rich Dairy Products on Weight Loss in Obese Adults. 

In 1999, the National Diary Council paid Zemel $86,230 to explore the role of calcium ingestion in obese transgenic mice. 

The National Dairy Council gave Zemel $69,919 in 1998. 

The money keeps getting better and better. 

Zemel enjoys sponsorship from cereal companies too. General Mills also sponsors dairy research. Beginning in 2000 through today, General Mills has paid Zemel $550,749 to perform four dairy-related studies. 

After a study is performed, there are many months lead time between the completion and publication in a scientific journal. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) clearly had this inside story long before it was published in a journal. They include the words "Embargoed for Release Until November 17, 1999, 10 a.m., EST" 

Like portions of ice cream, these stories are scooped out to dairy companies so that their products can be promoted with phony science. 

Which brings me to Sunday's press release (April 13, 2003): 

We are told: 

"Now there's another reason to reach for yogurt more often. New research out of the University of Tennessee suggests that eating calcium-rich yogurt can help your body burn more fat." 

Unlike most press releases, this one has no contact information. Great marketing. In fact, there is not even a published study to review. I called Dr. Zemel's Tennessee office and was told that the yet-to-be publsihed study will be orally presented at a conference. There is nothing yet in writing. So much for peer-review. I did learn that Zemel's conclusions are based upon 
36 obese black people who participated in a 24-day experiment. That's science? 

Zemel's previous work was performed on genetically engineered laboratory mice. The yogurt-eating rodents lost 25% of their body weight and 60% of their body fat in just six weeks. These must have been very sick mice. If a human experienced a similar weight loss, his or her entire system would shut down and death would soon result. No human has ever lost 25% of his or her body weight in six weeks. Well, perhaps Dr. Atkins did, but he had triple bypass surgery and then suffered a stroke, fell, crushed his skull, and died. That should be the true legacy of the famed Atkins Diet. I would not recommend his weight loss method to anybody, even Saddam. Perhaps the tummies of Zemel's genetically engineered mice were liposuctioned. Perhaps Zemel cut off their tails with a carving knife. 

Consider for a moment the one true purpose of milk. Whether you believe in God or Mother Nature or evolution, you must admit that milk was designed for an infant to gain weight, not lose weight. Milk is not diet food. Milk is a calorie-rich food, containing fat and growth hormones which make mammals grow, not shrink. If you are made to believe that milk and dairy products make you lose weight, you might also have believed the Iraqi minister of propaganda who went on television to tell his people that American Soldiers were committing suicide at the gates of Baghdad. The dairy industry lie is much worse, because it fools you into believing that an unhealthy product designed to turn calves into 1500-pound monsters will end America's obesity epidemic. 

They who sell us out for dollars are meeting in San Diego this week. The dairy industry has funded many similar studies, to be replayed on television news shows and written about in feature magazine articles with milk mustache ads. Although today is April 15th, next week's April 21st Time Magazine story has remarkably been written in the past tense before the actual presentation was even made. Time will report: 

443201,00.html > 

"The first large study to look at total calcium consumption in adolescents found that girls who consumed more calcium weighed less and had lower body fat. The findings were presented at the Experimental Biology 2003 meeting in San Diego, as part of the American Society for Nutritional Sciences program." 

Time Magazine generates millions of dollars in revenue by selling their integrity for ad space. Milk mustache ads. 

Conspiracy? You bet. This time, I caught them with their pants down. Most of America will never read or hear the truth. 

One last bit of incriminating information. 

The American Society for Nutritional Sciences is responsible for this conference. The President-elect of this organization is Dale Bauman of Cornell University. What a vicious cycle this is becoming. I wrote about Dale Bauman in 1998: 


"No man has done more to further the goals and perpetrate Monsanto's fraud than Dale Bauman of Cornell University." 

My article: 

Robert Cohen

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