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Be Mitey Careful!

Fri Aug 9,11:49 PM ET

(HealthScoutNews) -- The next time you feed Spot, you may be giving him more than just his dinner. There may be mites in his food!

These mini-critters, which resemble spiders under a microscope, can live on just about anything. And they can cause allergies in pets and in people.

To keep them out of Spot's food -- and Fluffy's -- keep the food cool and dry, and don't store it in humid areas. Vacuum the place where the food is stored a least once a week. Also, keep the area around Spot's dish clean, and don't allow water from his water dish to get into his food bowl.

On warm, humid days, don't leave pet food sitting out, and vacuum the area where your pet sleeps.

He'll thank you by staying healthy.

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