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There was so much to cover this week. Look what we're missing: 

- Ehud Barak gets his payoff for selling Israel from no less than Ross Perot. He has purchased a mansion of late from his munificent new career as an advisor to Perot's company, EDB. 

- Crown Prince Hassan is named president of the New World Order flagship organization, the Club of Rome. Binyamin Netanyahu and his CFR early backer Richard Perle reveal their plan for postwar Iraq. Saddam Hussein will be replaced by Jordan's Hashemite kingdom. The Crown Prince looks all set to be the new king of Iraq on behalf of the EU and Vatican. - The Sgt. Ari Weiss battle death takes on a new twist. While a soldier in his unit sent me a description of the battle where Weiss fell, proving he wasn't targeted, Islamic Jihad took "credit" for his killing, actually naming him. Because of the sensitivities of his family, I had not planned to carry on with this subject. However, as several readers noted, whether Weiss' death was targeted or not, the Jerusalem Post was required by law to submit its infamous article to the military censor, as is the case when any active soldier is publicized along with his photo. Did the Post check with the IDF before publishing their report on Weiss and if not, who was the delinquent editor? 

- And what of the sedition charges against the rabbi from Neve Tzuf? I was bombarded by his supporters, all demanding a retraction. I asked each of them to please tell me why the rabbi had the town's security chief removed through charges of molestation, but no answer arrived. However, I'm willing to believe an explanation sent by one supporter: this was a power struggle that turned ugly and nothing deeper. No one delved into the central question of whether the molestation charges were true. 

All interesting issues but pushed aside because this is the start of Rabin month. The Hebrew anniversary of Rabin's murder is on October 16 and that means almost three weeks of Rabin until the secular anniversary on November 4. And the fun has already begun: 

- On October 9, Yediot Ahronot reported that due to "numerous appeals to reinvestigate the assassination from prominent citizens," State Attorney General Eyakim Rubinstein appointed a commission to get to the bottom of the matter. Now, no one can accuse Rubinstein of not having a sense of humor. His commission consisted of Yigal Amir's trial prosecutor Pnina Guy and the State Prosecutor who approved the illegal provocations of Amir's Shabak partner, Avishai Raviv, Edna Arbel. Asking them if there was a conspiracy is like asking Arafat if there was terrorism. Guess what? They agreed there wasn't a conspiracy. 

- Galei Tzahal talk show host Razi Barkai was almost as funny when a caller informed him that he read a most interesting book on the Rabin assassination. "I'll talk about anything," Barkai interrupted, "but the Rabin conspiracy nonsense." And then he cut the caller off. 

- Not so funny is mail interference. Just ten days ago my Hebrew video cassette Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin was released and response was stunning. However, four cassette purchasers reported that they received their package opened, wrapped in nylon and containing an explanation from the post office that it was inspected. How do the bad guys know where I send my mail and how many cassettes were confiscated? 

But I don't get angry anymore, I get even. Open the attachments and you will find photos of the backstage sterile area where Amir shot blanks at Rabin just moments later. These photos have never been published before and you're not supposed to even see them. Hebrew readers note that the names of the policemen and Shabak agents are written on their torsos and you're not supposed to be looking at that either. 

I need help analysing these photos. I can offer some superficial observations; do you see more? 

JPG 1 - Shimon Peres has rounded Rabin's limousine and is now standing in front of it, along with four of his bodyguards. Whatever is he looking at other than the driver's 12 year old daughter in the backseat? Note the open back door of Rabin's car. And how can anyone miss the ambulance next to the car? And who won't ask why Rabin was taken to the hospital in the limousine when an ambulance was waiting ten feet away? In the shadows note a GMC light truck. 

JPG 2 - Peres has now called the driver Menachem Damti over to explain what his daughter is doing sitting in the backseat of the car. Those unfamilar with this hidden side of the murder can simply ask what Peres had to say so badly to Rabin's driver at that moment. 

JPG 3 - If anyone thinks the ambulance wasn't on alert, look at its open door and the busy medic. Rabin could have been placed within and cared for in normal circumstances. Now look at the GMC. The issue of what it was doing backstage was raised by the Israeli media right after the assassination and never properly answered. But it was oft-noted that these vehicles are standard Shabak property. 

JPG 4 - Note that the left back door of Rabin's limo is also open somewhat, as is the window and that is against security regulations. 

Let people see the photos. And tell them to come to the Rabin conferences on Oct. 16 and 17. I'll have two new items there. Because of heavy demand, the new video cassette will also be offered as a CD-Rom. And my new book, Save Israel, will go on sale for the first time anywhere.

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