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The Assassination of Sgt. Ari Weiss


This is a sad note but it must be sent to save our soldiers' lives. I wrote the following letter to the editors of the Jerusalem Post: 


The one shot to the head which killed Sgt. Ari Weiss has all the hallmarks of a targeted hit. I can only hope that the next time you publish a morale boosting piece about one of our soldiers, it will appear only after he has finished his tour of duty in the battlefield. 

Two weeks before, the Post published an article by Weiss' mother detailing how she convinced food outlets in Raanana to donate delicasies for her son's IDF unit in Nablus. As I read it I thought to myself that this story belongs in a different time and a different war. Parents sending food to the front of the Six Day or Yom Kippur War to boost morale was appropriate considering the thousands of troops involved in the fighting. But in the dirty little war taking place now in the Arab terror cities, limited numbers of soldiers are involved and the Arabs know them by face. The mother had to be forgiven her naivete but this article should never have been published by the Post. 

This is a war of targeted killings by both sides. The week the article appeared, a bomb was placed inside the Kokhav Yair home of an IDF officer. Worse, far worse, Israeli traitors, led by one Jeff Halper, working hand in hand with the enemy, are tracking the activities of IDF officers and sending threatening letters to their homes. Because of them, it is now IDF policy not to name officers or soldiers serving in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in the media. 

And here was Ari Weiss being named and his unit's location identified. The enemy has snipers trained by the CIA. In fact, new murderers are receiving advanced CIA training in Jericho at this moment with the permission and blessing of our Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Graduates of the CIA courses know how to flush out their victims and where to organize ambushes. 

The streets of Nablus had been relatively quiet for weeks. On the day Weiss was murdered, riots flared up, followed by gun fights. Weiss' platoon was lured into a building where shots were fired from and there he was shot in the head from a sniper's post in the building next door. Well over a hundred soldiers must have been involved in putting down such extensive violence but only Weiss died. A soldier next to him was shot in the chest. 

This is a new war with very different, more immoral tactics. Jews are targeted individually for the strongest demoralizing effect. I have documented the long list of settlement political, military and religious leaders who were ambushed and murdered. It is beyond statistical doubt that this is the strategy being used to remove Israel and Israelis from Yesha. While all the facts aren't in yet, I am certain that Ari Weiss was the latest victim of this filthy strategy. 

Two weeks before Ari Weiss was murdered, The Jerusalem Post published his photo to accompany his mother's article. This was an act of irresponsibility bordering on criminality. One cannot blame a proud mother, but the supposedly hardened editors of the Post had to have known better. They gave the sniper a face to target. This is forbidden by the IDF, so who gave the Post the right to put our soldiers at mortal risk? 

The Jerusalem Post owes the family of the brave soldier and all of Israel a real explanation and a promise that this will never happen again. 


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