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Activist Graves calls attention to biological weapons created by U.S.


March 17, 2003


Joel Bales, Media Relations

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            SAN DIEGO – Human rights activist Boyd E. Graves has released recently declassified government documents which call into question U.S. involvement in the development and use of biological and chemical weapons between 1967 and 1975.

            Graves said the documents he obtained from U.S. Central Intelligence Agency sources prove government agencies collaborated to create and test biological and chemical weapons covertly on American citizens in the New York subway system as early as 1967. 

            “Our government must learn to do America's laundry before attempting to do the laundry of the world,” Graves said. “The U.S. Special Virus program produced 60,000 liters of a new human virus by 1978. If these biological weapons are no longer on our government's shelf, where are they?”

            Graves, who has filed multiple lawsuits against the government for full disclosure of the U.S. Special Virus program, alleges the United States government developed AIDS and other biological weapons through this formerly secret virus development program. Graves said he released the declassified documents on the internet Monday to increase public awareness of covert biological weapons and his personal crusade against state sponsored terrorism.

            "We strengthen our national security by seeking to resolve the greatest medical mystery in the history of the world,” Graves said.

         Graves argues the government's 'special virus' was covertly administered to Africans and American homosexuals in 1978 as part of a covert plan to reduce world populations. Graves said scientific similarities between the HIV virus and the Gulf War illness virus, which caused death and illness among troops during the previous gulf war, should cause great concern for Americans at home and abroad. These weapons of mass destruction must be accounted for, Graves said.

            The documents Graves released today state the CIA had also developed a stealth bio-inoculation gun which was tested to infect individuals with biological and chemical weapons from a distance of 250 feet. Graves posted the CIA's Oct. 18, 1967 memoranda on Operation NKNAOMI and other declassified documents online to educate others and  encourage concerned Americans to join his petition calling for immediate program review. Graves maintains these documents and his petition online at

           “The world war with the AIDS weapon continues to rage,” Graves said. “Only truth and knowledge will defeat it.”

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