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November 9, 2002

By Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

The HIV/AIDS enzyme is the product of many steps in the laboratory according to all scientific criteria in every independent ‘de novo’ review that has been conducted to date. The science history shows an ‘Aryan obsession’ with development of ethnic biological weapons targeting people of Negroid descent. At present it is unclear exactly when the genociders learned there was an exploitable difference in the blood of the Negroid race. However, shortly after the United States Congress appropriated money (for offensive biological weapons) to the CIA and U.S. military in 1957, Negroid children on the continent of Africa became afflicted with a “new” cancer (Burkitt’s Lymphoma). Something was killing African children that utilized the CCR5 delta 32 positive gene, indigenous to all people of color. The year is 2002. Something is killing people of color that is utilizing the CCR5delta32 positive gene. There is a clear master plan to debilitate, incapacitate, e! radicate and eliminate the Black populations of the world.

The science evidence

The science evidence reveals the United States formally undertook the venue to develop ethnic offensive biological weapons following a 1948 State Department review of world population (FPS-21, February 1948, written by George W. McKennan). The United States makes it very clear for the necessity to “devise a scheme” to deal with populations of lesser-developed countries. By 1951, people of color were squarely in the crosshairs of U.S. genocide. A review of the timeline on my website (  reveals the United States was able to “continuously produce” the cervical cancer cells of a Black woman (Henrietta Lacks), and the United States conducted its ‘first’ placebo virus attack on African Americans. Perhaps we have forgotten the United States has never accounted to the American people for the importation of the racist b! iological scientists from nazi Germany beginning in 1946 (Project Paperclip). These scientists brought a man made mammal wasting disease called, “visna” with them, and now, according to the journal, Proceedings of the United States of America, “visna” is the animal model for testing of new anti-hiv drugs (PROC NAS VOL92, 3283 – 7, April11, 1995).

A review of the secret U.S. AIDS development program (the U.S. Special Virus program) reveals in graphic detail the experiments and contracts the United States issued to further enhance Burkitt’s Lymphoma’s immunodeficiency. (See, Phase 1: Selection of Specimens and Detection of Virus or Virus Expression—RESEARCH LOGIC FLOWCHART). It is no surprise there is a science connection to the mystery Burkitt’s Lymphoma that ‘suddenly’ began attacking Black African children in 1957, and the mystery HIV/AIDS that ‘suddenly’ began attacking in 1979. Both Burkitt’s Lymphoma and HIV/AIDS utilize the CCR5 delta 32 positive gene to fuse to the genome of the Black population. It is no surprise that nazi visna sequences are intermingled in the nucleotide sequences of HIV/AIDS. It is also no surprise that ‘rat sequences’ are intermingled in the amino acid sequences of HIV/AIDS. The science evidence is conclusive, HIV/AIDS is a man made, recombinant, hybrid, chimera mosaic. Sp! ecifically, the United States has made a hodgepodge of animal viruses, taken parts of them, grown them in cells from the 1951 Black lady and a culture from a five year old Black child with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. This concoction seeks out the aforementioned docking site in the Black population and the result would be epidemic African death.

 The antidotes

 In theory, if we can devise a response to ‘block the receptor site’, then we could very quickly put HIV/AIDS behind us. However, U.S. Public Law 91-213 implies that HIV/AID has not killed enough people yet and the United States is remaining silent about the $550 million dollar federal virus program. Even still, for the 40,000+ people who have the flowchart of the program, you can see the “IMMUNOLOGICAL CONTROL” section is in your upper-right hand area. The flowchart clearly shows that prior to placing HIV/AIDS into clinical trials (the vaccine complements to Africa and Manhattan), the United States had thoroughly researched the ‘inhibitors’ of their Frankenstein creation. Additionally you see in Step 3(c), the United States knew the level of protective immune response PRIOR to the release of HIV/AIDS:


Phase –IV-A: Immunological Control

Step 1: Determine Suitable Immunnological Control


Health Res. Inc.      72-2014            Evaluation of neuraminidase-treatment to enhance tumor cellimmogenicity


John Hopkins Univ.    71-2109            Evaluation of methods for monitoring immune responses of cancer patients


Meloy Labs.                 72-2020            Evaluation of various approaches to immunotherapy in model systems


Microbiological Assn     70-2068            Evaluation of viral vaccine and interferons in the protection against chemically-induced neoplasms


Merck and CO.     71-2059            Developmental research for virus vaccine production


Res.Fdn.St. of NY      71-2137    Clinical studies on enhancement of tumor immunity


Texas, Univ. of            72-3260            Evaluation of viral vaccines in the treatment of                       human leukemia/lymphoma


On page 2 of the 1971 progress report (#8) of the U.S. Special Virus program, the United States concedes this federal program is seeking to develop one candidate virus by “converging a leukemia and a lymphoma. According to Drs. Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, the original name of HIV is “Leukemia/lymphoma’ virus. See, Montagnier, L. & Gallo, R.C., “Human T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Virus”, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, 1984

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