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1971 E.M. photo of ESP-1 virus identical to HIV

by Boyd E. Graves, J.D. 

The 1971 flowchart of the mostly secret U.S. Special Virus program depicts the development of a “Special Virus”. The ESP-1 virus was developed in accordance with the 1971 flowchart’s “research logic”. The ESP-1 virus was produced, purified and concentrated by Special Virus contractor, M.D. Anderson Hospital of the University of Texas. 

In Dr. Gallo’s 1971 science paper, he provides an electron microscopy 
(E.M.) (x105,000.) of the “budding” ESP-1 virus, as well as the mature free ESP-1 virion. This E.M photo is “identical” to HIV’s E.M photos. ESP stands for the initials of the scientist at M.D. Anderson with overall responsibility for development, Dr. E.S. Priori. In 1971 the United States knew the ESP-1 virus was a mycoplasma. 

According to the irrefutable evidence, “mycoplasmas” regulate the LTR of HIV”. See, FEMS MICROBIOL LETT 128, pp. 63 – 68, 1995. In reviewing the 1971 flowchart, make note of the fact, the first decision point for the United States was, the candidate human virus had to have virus particles. At every juncture the literature reports mycoplasmas (PPLO) as virus particles. 

According to Dr. Shyh Ching Lo, the infectious agent of HIV is a “new” strain of pathogenic mycoplasma, with “special” biological properties for escape of immune surveillance. If what we say is true, then we should be able to compare E.M. photos of ESP-1 virus and Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus and find a perfect match. The 1971 ESP-1 E.M. photo is located at Nature New Biology, Volume 232, pp. 140 – 142, issue 31. To compare with HIV E.M. photos. See, Science, January 1985, Volume 227, pp. 173 – 177. However, if you check with CBS EVENING NEWS, they will tell you they lost the September 21, 2000 videotape of their segment, “VIRUS ARMOUR” by Elizabeth Kaledin. They will tell you they reviewed the transcript and that segment had been reduced to one sentence. That September night CBS told the world that they had found a “six-sided” armour of viruses that makes humans virtually defenseless. The “six-sided” figure was a mycoplasma. For an E.M. photo of Mycoplasma incognitus, See Lawrence K.Altman, M.D., “Medical Science”, Tuesday, January 16, 1990. 

The U.S. Special Virus found that “teramycin” inhibited the replication of the ESP-1 virus. It is this very type of science evidence that is contained in the seven of the fifteen progress reports. It is odd when you have a researcher or scientist who refuses to open the covers of the reports. We can only judge people by their total actions or lack thereof. Someone who is concerned about stopping HIV/AIDS would follow the leads into the progress reports and assist our process of unraveling the true origin of HIV. Our interest is in the fact that review of this federal virus program would shed tremendous current day understandings in our ongoing struggle with this synthetic biological agent. 

Our approach has been to highlight the first sixty pages of the federal program that precede the flowchart. By the United States’ own admissions in the sixty page narrative, there is a degree of “absolute certainty” the United States was making a candidate human virus 
(mycoplasma) that depletes the immune system. There is a degree of “absolute certainty” that nazi visna virus was part of the recombinant-hybrid mycoplasma, we now call HIV/AIDS. 

For an E.M. photo of VISNA, see the Science paper above. 

The 1971 flowchart details the development of a special virus. We believe this virus was originally called ESP-1, then leukemia/lymphoma virus, then LAV/HTLV-III, now HIV/AIDS. The experiments, contracts and science papers of the available seven progress reports support this conclusion. 

We have found the wellspring of the genesis of AIDS, it is our nation state, it is u.s. 


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