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Photo-induced regeneration of hormones by electron transfer processes: Potential biological and medical consequences

Based on the previous results concerning electron transfer processes in biological substances, it was of interest to investigate if hormone transients resulting by e.g. electron emission can be regenerated.

Vitamin C study finds that previous studies have been deliberately using ridiculously low doses to test flu prevention effects

A new study confirms that taking large doses of vitamin C can significantly reduce the duration of the common cold.

The Left is trying to destroy free-speech social media platform Gab following Pittsburgh synagogue shootings

The American Left, always ready to exploit a tragedy for its own political gain, has ‘identified’ a new villain following the tragic shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend by a raging anti-Semitic Trump hater: Gab, a social media platform that truly embraces free speech, even that which can be offensive to some people.