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Are You Eating the 8 Most Common Genetically Modified Foods?

Death Calling

The recent publicity and interest in “going green” has increased awareness to serious environmental issues surrounding global warming. However, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—also called genetically modified foods or GM foods—are another significant environmental issue that has disappeared in the shadows lately.

What the Mainstream Isn’t Telling You about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Mainstream Media

The events that lead to George Zimmerman firing on Trayvon Martin made for a tragic end. A young life was lost and another ruined. The state was unable to prove to a jury of peers, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman acted with malicious intent

What the EMR Saw

Lately, my virtual inbox in our electronic medical record has seen a surge in requests for prescriptions for the vaccine against Herpes Zoster, shingles. This has made me think a lot about our responsibility as physicians to inform patients about the evidence behind our recommendations – but who informs the patients when doctors are kept out of the loop or put under pressure to prescribe without seeing the patient?