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CVS Drug Store Company Caught in Hidden Drug-Pushing Deal to Promote Zyprexa for Money

pharmacy benefits manager (PMB) for drug store chain CVS entered a secret agreement with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly to promote the company's antipsychotic Zyprexa to doctors, according to internal documents revealed as part of an insurance industry lawsuit against the drug maker.

Tell the FDA not to ban natural desiccated thyroid!

It has long been a concern of natural desiccated thyroid users that cannot take the synthetic versions that the FDA will eventually ban the natural desiccated version in favor of the newer, more expensive synthetic alternatives that will yield more profits for the drug companies. It seems that day has finally come.

Fraudulent "Smart Choices" food labeling program crumbles as food manufacturers flee scrutiny (opinion)

The fraudulent "Smart Choices" food labeling gimmick that sought to push sugary cereals as "healthy foods" is crumbling amid the pullout of Kellogg, Unilever and PepsiCo.