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Vibration Training for Weight Loss?

Every morning on my way to work, I walk past a "vibration studio". A few weeks ago, another studio appeared just a hundred meters from my office. Vibration training machines have piqued my curiosity. Can a machine that vibrates actually provide some health or weight loss benefit?

At first I viewed these devices with some skepticism. There seems to be no shortage of marketing information - but very little in the way of real-world experience. I'm also concerned about the potential for injury - especially in the hands of an inexperienced trainer or operator.

Lloyd Shaw, on the Whole Body Vibration Training blog has broached the subject of weight loss and Whole Body Vibration. It is a complex subject - but with the number of training studios suddenly appearing - it's time to try and get some answers.

Apparently the more advanced machines offer enough resistance to ultimately lead to an increase in BMR:

The more advanced response would be true "activation" (an anaerobic response) which would cause micro-tears in the muscles, leading to the healing cycle resistance trainers try hard to induce.

This in turn has a hormonal effect causing your protein mass to increase which naturally raises your BMR. The aim of which is to burn more calories while resting.

It seems to me that the potential for fat-burning with a vibration training machine has to do with the "after-burn" - the energy that is burned after the session.

Has anyone had experience with Whole Body Vibration training?

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