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A Viable Solution to the World Crisis and the World’s Financial Meltdown

By: David Laurence Pinkney 

The characteristics of the government of any nation are mirror image reflections of the characteristics of the nation’s citizens. We decry the corruption, dishonesty and absence of virtue, integrity, responsibility and statesmanship in government leaders. We are seemingly blind to the fact that if we want an honest, socially responsible government, administered by superlative-thinking, value-producing men and women of good character, we the people must possess those attributes. 

If parents want their children to become virtuous, superlative thinking, value-producing members of society, parents must possess those noble attributes and be value-producing members of society. 

Regarding Democracy 

As it exists today Democracy can best be described as mobocracy (rule by might over right). A Real Democracy can only come into being when we the people become self-governed (self-mastered), as genuine democracy is self-government. Democracy as self-government (by self-governed individuals) must ultimately become an established fact throughout the civilized world if civilization is to thrive and continue.  

If we the people want government and society to change for the better, we the people must change for the better. We must achieve self-mastery and not allow ourselves to be governed by our senses. We must be governed by rightness and reason and we must build sterling character and moral excellence, which are stronger than adamant and finer than gold. 

Responsible forthright government, a better world and world peace begins with (and within) each of us. We are all responsible for the world crisis, the world’s economic woes and the downward course of civilization.  

When sufficient numbers of us freedom-loving Americans have transformed ourselves (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and have become self-governed we will have the love, wisdom, knowledge and power that will enable us to peacefully defeat America’s adversaries and remove them from leadership positions of power, influence and control. Leadership positions would then be temporarily filled by virtuous self-governed men and women of unswerving integrity who will act as interim leaders until a new election can be arranged and we the people can elect new replacement public servants.   

Simple failsafe tests are available, which can be used to confirm the abilities and integrity of people who wish to be considered for public office and positions within various government agencies. 

To hasten the defeat of America’s adversaries we must quit fearing and supporting them. The adversaries thrive on fear; it increases their power and their ability to control us.  

When existing government leaders have been removed from office and replaced by visionary men and women of integrity a money department (treasury) of the government can then be established. The money department would be based on physical reserves of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and the noble metals, rhodium, osmium and iridium held in special government depositories. The money department would print and issue new currency backed by said metals and redeemable in gold¹ and silver. The government would have money department offices wherever needed. 

When the new government leaders have been installed in all branches and agencies of government, and the government money department has been established, there is a simple failsafe way of doing business without the disorders between government and business; disorders which are brought about by the money manipulators. 

Because of their incompetence and lust for power, the money magicians and manipulators have created the global economic crisis and today’s financial meltdown. Proper relationships between government and the people could have prevented the present economic crisis.  

The right business relationship between government and the people is that the government should be the guarantee of the people and that the people should be the guarantors of the government. Regarding money, that can be done by the private individual or the businessman whose character is based on honesty and truthfulness and the keeping of his word and his contracts, which means personal responsibility. 

Men of integrity will be known to the government, or will be vouched for by others who know them. Each such individual would deposit his money with the government money department. The acceptance of his money and the holding of a passbook will be a government guarantee of credit.  

All money transactions would then be carried on by the government money department. The financial condition of the individual or of a business would be on record with the government. Even a would-be dishonest man would not dare to be dishonest. One who failed in his pledges or gave false statements of accounts would be discovered and punished, would not be trusted by any business concern and there would be no banks from which he could borrow. But with character and ability and with a clean record, plus personal responsibility, he could borrow from the government, without interest, for any legitimate business.  

There would be numerous advantages to a government money department and carrying on financial operations via the money department instead of through privately owned Fed Res banking institutions as at present.  To learn the naked truth about the Federal Reserve and its criminal banking operations, which have brought on the present global economic crisis, go to this writer’s website, click on the educate link and then click on Zeitgeist Addendum ll and watch the Zeitgeist Addendum ll audio/video presentation.    

The majority of the world’s seemingly insurmountable problems and human conflicts: war, crime, poverty, disease, starvation, environmental pollution and degradation, and man’s inhumanity to man, revolve around money and are based on money and its misuse.  

Large criminal operations are carried on with money. Ethical and responsible banking houses do not lend money directly to criminals. But go-betweens can presently borrow money on collateral to finance wars and criminal operations of great magnitude. Without banks, wars and criminal operations could not function and would be put out of business. The go-betweens could not borrow money from the money department of the government for illegitimate businesses and to finance wars and criminal operations. There would be fewer precarious business ventures, and bankruptcies would steadily decrease and ultimately cease to exist. 

At present, money and banks separate business from government. A government money department would draw business and government together on common ground and with common interests. With a government money department, money would be put in its proper place; there would be confidence in business and government, and business would be reconciled. Money would gradually lose the power now given to it and people would become less fearful of the future by having proper reliance and confidence in the government and in themselves. 

Among the many advantages of having business carry on its financial operations through a money department of the government  is, that all depositors and businesses would become interested in  and conscious of their responsibility for the integrity of government, just as they now are for the conduct of their own business. As it is now, instead of understanding that it is for the sanctity and strength of government, business strives to get special advantage from government. Each such attempt is to defeat democracy; it weakens and tends to demoralize government by the people.  For the government or any enterprise to prosper and endure, character must be valued above money. 

Millions of people throughout the world need to be made aware of and learn all about the Venus Project and the many benefits of a resource-based economy, as envisioned by the brilliant visionary futurist, Jacque Fresco, founder/developer of the Venus Project ( ).  

When a resource-based economy becomes an established fact, war, crime, poverty, want, hunger, starvation, disease, and most of America’s and the world’s problems would be eliminated. When the resource-based economy is established, the money department of the government would be fazed out.  

America must remain a sovereign independent nation, establish and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and sound and rational economic policies and practices based on Universal Cosmic Law. America should set examples in statesmanship governance, balanced human relations, and sustainable and equitable domestic and foreign policies and relations. 

Countless civilizations have come and gone. Civilizations rise from the ruins of preceding civilizations, attain heights of greatness, nobility and enlightenment and are eventually destroyed. 

Our present civilization, which began in Massachusetts in the Plymouth Colony, is a vast new wave in a Fourth Civilization that began in the East and rose to its height in early Atlantis. The crest of the wave of our current civilization, which is now experiencing the agony and ecstasy of its birth throes, should carry humanity to exalted heights, higher than any of the former waves of the Fourth Civilization.

It is possible to make our present civilization incomparably greater than any past civilization, to build it for permanence (incorruptible and indestructible). Its fate is yet to be determined. Whether civilization thrives and survives and is built for permanence, or meets the fate of past civilizations, its destiny will be determined by the thinking and thoughts and the actions of its citizenry.  

¹It is erroneously assumed that there is not a sufficient supply of gold and silver to support a metals-backed currency. The truth is that there are vast reserves of gold that are unknown to the world and the news Medias. 

One simple thing everyone can and should do to help resolve the world crisis. 

Every day pray a silent prayer for world peace and solidarity among all nations and people. The power of prayer to effect positive transformational changes in the world and in society can be dramatically multiplied.  Millions of men and women turned to God when the Dunkirk tragedy occurred. All England joined in one minute of silent prayer at nine o’clock, and Big Ben reverberated through the country-side to tell all England to become one in love for that one minute at nine.  

Imagine how the power of prayer would be multiplied if all bells and chimes throughout the world would simultaneously ring and chime for one minute every day of the year, and people everywhere stopped what they were doing and prayed for world peace and solidarity and the resolution of the world crisis and human conflicts. 

When the bells ring and the chimes sound, calling people to unite as one in one minute of silent prayer, all people of goodwill should answer to that call to prayer, attune their thoughts to God, open their hearts to Love, and pray for personal transformation, for lasting world peace and that the tragedy of man-killing by man shall cease forever. The desire for world peace and universal brotherhood, thus expressed by millions of people of goodwill to their Creator would be a valorous and invincible force for good and for positive world transformation.