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Prescription for Arrogance & Hate

It seems that marijuana is even helpful in reducing hate, something that certainly cannot be said for alcohol or any other drug on earth. In an article entitled “Neo Nazi Girl Group Cured of their Hate with Marijuana,” Lamb and Lynx Gaede, formerly of the White Power girl-pop band Prussian Blue, seem to be espousing a more liberal and less of a cross-burning ideology. Their time in the limelight subjected them to extraordinary stress and appears to have contributed to severe health problems for both sisters. Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school and doctors removed a large tumor from her shoulder. Then she developed a rare condition called CVS, cyclic vomiting syndrome.

Lamb has struggled as well. She suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain as well as lack of appetite and intense emotional stress. The girls were prescribed a smorgasbord of medical cures for their various maladies, but the only thing that worked for them was medical marijuana. The girls say it changed their lives and helped them find their own brand of happiness.

I think it’s a good idea to prescribe medical marijuana in much the same way as governmental scientists decided to do with fluoride. I would prescribe it for everyone at the upper echelons of government and industry to at least attempt to mellow these people out and bring them down to earth. Perhaps they might even find their hearts again and rediscover a real love for their fellow human beings.

Though medical marijuana is not a substitute for higher methods of gaining control of emotions and feelings, it is a good place to start when one is suffering from arrogance or a complete separation from their own heart. Probably for this reason, marijuana is important for the soul of humanity, for our collective unconsciousness that has brought our race to potential ruin.

Marijuana is a heart medicine and it brings one closer to their vulnerable feelings though it does not create miracles in this regard. Smoking marijuana does not eliminate the conscious suffering we have to go through; it simply eases our suffering, keeping it at a bearable level. Though sometimes because of our individual or even our collective mistakes, suffering will be intense enough to take us beyond our limits.

Heart Health E-Book Cover

I wrote HeartHealth to help people understand the deep and mysterious ways of the heart. Mother Theresa said many years ago that “loneliness and isolation in the West” was the most significant “disease” she had encountered during her lifetime. Marijuana use modifies our mental and emotional space, affecting the part of us that suffers from the ills created by our society and projected heavily on the individual.

The healthy human heart needs warmth, is warmth and can
give warmth to others. The deeper we dive into the heart
and open to its super intelligent ways, the more balanced,
coherent, and healthy our bodies, minds, and emotions become.

Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California School of Medicine, said:

“The heart is a pump and needs to be addressed on a physical level. However, our hearts are more than just pumps, and a true physician is more than just a plumber or a mechanic. We also have an emotional heart, a psychological heart, a spiritual heart.

“Throughout the ages many have referred to those who have an open heart, closed heart, a warm heart or a cold heart, a compassionate heart or an uncaring heart. These are more than just figures of speech, they are accurate descriptions of what is in reality happening in the cardiac center that effects how life is lived and experienced. When the emotional and spiritual heart begins to open, the physical heart often follows.”

“Earth is approaching a threshold—the crossroads in human history where decisions to safeguard the planet and the human race or plunge unwittingly into the abyss of disaster will mark our every weighted step advancing into the future. Never before in recorded history have there been so many potential threats facing so many people. The Earth is in crisis,” writes the Extinction Protocol.

Who is going to make these fateful decisions? If it’s the current crop of politicians or the elite wealthy behind them then we know our race will not be served. It will be a long and hard road down into the abyss of disaster and war.

Of course I would prescribe magnesium chloride in heavy dosages to cure them of their magnesium deficiencies as well to help relax them, give them better sleep while supporting the administration of cannabis. Though for the life of me I do not know why I or anyone else should be so nice to these people. I guess it’s the humanitarian side of me—I must care even for those who are spoiled and offer something good, some chance of salvation.

But they would probably have to be force-fed just like they do to many of us with fluoride. We can have a good laugh imagining marijuana smoke injected into the lungs of the people in power where they work like central heating or air-conditioning injects hot or cold air. No one would be able to walk around the White House or Capitol building without inhaling cannabinoids. Not sure even if gasmasks would keep the cannabis out of these people’s lungs. This way perhaps, just perhaps, they would think a little bit before making such outrageous decisions that hurt everyone around them.

I can think of nothing else to prescribe for the hard arrogance of the human mind. Unfortunately we do not live in a world where such change is possible for those who have climbed too high above the level of the common man. Arrogance is a human disease whose only spiritual cure is humiliation. Humiliation is actually a positive trip back down to the ground. It’s a place so low that there is little downside so it’s actually a pretty good place for these arrogant people to be. Humility is that place where we are close to the ground. It’s that place that recognizes one’s own weaknesses and faults.

As I think again I still believe the easiest thing for us to do as a race is embrace medical marijuana and make it a requirement for anyone who dares to climb to the heights of power over others. Its effect would be reasonably quick. We do not have the luxury of time to wait for this population to start meditation and yoga, for these paths take years to have a deep effect on the ego. For some people ten puffs of pot will do the trick!

It is nice to fantasize and dream a little about solutions to the world’s problems of leadership and the arrogance of being that is so prevalent in this population. I hope it at least tickles other people’s imaginations and shows us how far away we are from the grace of elegant beings who know how to take care of their own. That is of course what leadership is supposed to be about. Leaders are responsible for those they lead. Their main concern is supposed to be about their followers, not themselves. Now go tell that to those ladies and gentlemen in their huge limos.