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by Barry Chamish
       On the first Thursday of April at 9 PM, Israel's government-owned tv Channel One grew up and in doing so cemented my reputation for accuracy. The channel presented a 90 minute documentary and follow up discussion proving that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Israel Defence Minister Moshe Dayan cooked up Israel's nearly disastrous Yom Kippur War so that the Arabs would win. The film is directed by Yoram Irbamatz and is called, Who Murdered Daddy? It investigates the July,1, '73 murder of Col. Yosef Alon in Washington based on evidence gathered by his wife Dvorah and his two daughters. Here is the Hebrew film with some 20% in English during interviews of American investigators:

       Beginning in 1970, Alon was assigned for three years to the Israeli Embassy in Washington as the assistant air and naval attache. He worked vigorously to procure sophisticated American F-4 Phantoms and other weaponry for the Israeli Air Force as his country battled Egypt. Then on July 1, '73 Col. Alon, one of the founders of the Israeli Air Force, was gunned down by his house in front of his wife and daughters. It was a sophisticated hit and not an act of terror which would have included killing his family as well. For reasons that forced the Alon family to find his killer by themselves, the FBI and Mossad closed his file shortly after. Neither identified the killer nor his reasons for murder.

       Former President Ezer Weizman knew both answers but would never say. "If I told what I know, the nation would go into shock," he hinted. "Alon was a loud-mouthed drunk and couldn't be relied on to keep a secret."

       What secret could have got him assassinated? The one my old friend, the history Prof. Uri Milstein, told on the show. "Kissinger and Dayan decided to give the Arabs their pride back by not preparing the IDF for war. It would cost Israel 100 or 200 sacrificed soldiers, but then the Arabs would talk peace."

       Bentsi Tsfoni searched Alons out to tell his story to them. He was a soldier in the Engineering Corps who just prior to the Yom Kippur War dug up and exploded all the landmines along the 120 km length of the Suez Canal. He asked his superior why he was doing such a crazy thing and was told, "The army has a new diplomacy." Not said, the new diplomacy was to lose, but the viewers all got it.

       The author Nomi Frankel was responsible for all top secret IDF radio transmissions and she swears she witnessed the following communication between the IDF Chief of Staff Gen. David Elazar and Dayan. Elazar wanted a full scale mobilization and reinforcements for his troops along the Suez because war was imminent. Dayan replied, " No. We have an agreement with Kissinger not to attack Egypt." Elazar was murdered shortly after the war.

       As a military attache in the Israeli Embassy, Alon discovered, or was even apprised of, the plot to lose a war that autumn. Alon's oldest daughter concluded that, "My father would never have permitted that plan to go forward."

       Gen. Yaacov Agassi gave the documentary's lasting message: "Alon was murdered by an American squad with highly sophisticated intelligence after receiving the go-ahead from Dayan."

       And so ends the film but not the truth that was missing. And I know what was left out. First, I had been covering the Dayan plot for over 15 years. I wrote the following recently:

    Finally we have the reason Moshe Dayan turned into Israel's top traitor of his day. As Chief-0f-Staff of the IDF, Dayan HAD to have given the order for his Air Force to sink the Liberty. Pres. Johnson may have given the actual command, the American navy did nothing to rescue the stricken ship, but Dayan had the blood of 37 American sailors on his hands and if he didn't play major league ball, he and Israel would be turned into friendless lepers. 

    Dayan began quickly, by handing over control of the Temple Mount, won by Israel with buckets of blood, to the Jordanian Wakf, the consequences of which are felt deeply to this day. Then in October 1973, as Defence Minister, under the duress of Henry Kissinger, Dayan agreed to give Egypt and Syria a full day to regain lost territory. The consequence of not pre-empting the Yom Kippur War was over 2000 dead Jewish soldiers in two days. After Pres. Carter forced PM Begin to take Dayan into his cabinet as foreign minister in 1977, Dayan abused his position to sway Begin to accept an accord with Egypt, that gave up every square inch of the Sinai to Sadat. This decision led directly to Egypt today allowing the Sinai to be a rocket funnel for Hamas.

Now here is the Israeli who had to have approved Alon's murder, his boss, Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin had fallen hard under Kissinger's spell and even went on the stumps for Nixon in 72. Not a month after Alon's assassination, he published an analysis in the Washington Post asserting that the Arabs would and could not go to war against Israel for another generation, a message which lulled and then murdered Israelis in their thousands. If the Americans got their approval for Alon's elimination from Israel, it could only have been from the top of the heap in the US, Ambassador Rabin. And this the documentary could not say.  Only one fallen saint at a time.


         Rabin approved Alon's murder for peace, Pres. Shimon Peres later approved Rabin's murder for peace. Nothing has changed.