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Go Fund Me for Professor Ben-Joseph

Professor Eliezer Ben-Joseph is a man that we all know and love. He has given his life to service and dedication to others. In the Natural Health field, there is none other like him. I have known Eliezer Ben-Joseph for many years now, and this began a couple of years ago, when he attended a conference in California. After traveling back, he became ill, and almost passed to the next life. But there were other plans for his life at this point.

Professor Ben-Joseph has continued to see clients, even though some days it has been difficult. His love for life and the dedication to others takes precedence. He has found himself back in the operating room, with several issues cropping up, as being human we all are on the same boat going the same direction. As we all know, there are also medical expenses that are included with the road to health and recovery, and as such, Eliezer has found the mounting cost, as he hasn't been able to work. Some look at him, as a rich man, but his richness is in the knowledge that he holds, and shares with others. His wife Sandy, continues to work, and the staff that have been at the clinic and the store, continue to hold the fort down, for life must go on. Below is a donate link, to assist with the bills, and the mounting cost of health.
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