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Fluoride linked to infertility, birth defects and low IQ

Tue. Sept. 4, 2012 by Roy Dittman, OMD, MH, DM

(NaturalHealth365) Over 75 percent of America’s municipal water supply is now fluoridated. In general, our drinking water contains around 1 part per million (1 mcg/ml). Your body is generally able to eliminate about half of its daily fluoride intake, leaving the other half to accumulate over time. Chronic long-term exposure of couples to fluoride before conception and during pregnancy has been shown to negatively affect fertility and the health of future children.

Even if you have a water filter, you are still ingesting fluoride

In the agricultural and food industry, fluoridated water is used to water crops, wash produce, prepare chicken, and to manufacture all sorts of commercial cereals. The fluoride residue left on commercial produce and in packaged foods is often ten times higher than that found in water. (1) In addition to watering fields and processing food with fluoridated water, fluoride based pesticides are also being used to control pests.

The fluoride based pesticide cryolite (Kryocide®) is sprayed primarily on California-grown grape crops (and therefore is turning up in California wines). Unfortunately, cryolite is authorized by the USDA to be sprayed on crops labeled “organic”. (2)

Research published in Scientific American analyzed the amount of fluoride found in 10 common foods and drinks.

Fluoride content of 10 common foods and drinks: (3)

  • Brewed Black Tea — 3.73
  • Raisins — 2.34
  • White Wine — 2.02
  • Apple Flavored Juice Drink — 1.09
  • Brewed Coffee — 0.91
  • Tap Water — 0.71 (U.S. average)
  • Hot Dog — 0.61
  • Diet Coke — 0.60
  • Beer — 0.45
  • Milk — 0.03

What is dangerous for babies is even more dangerous to your future baby. For this reason, I strongly advise couples getting ready to conceive to use fluoride-free dental products and drink fluoride-free water before conception. (4)


Fluoride destroys enzymes and suppresses your thyroid (5)
Fluoride breaks apart enzymes, interfering with our cell’s ability to repair itself (DNA repair). The systems in your body that are the most effected by fluoride’s enzyme interference include: your immune system, your muscles, your connective tissue, your bones, and… your thyroid gland.

Fluoride displaces iodine in your thyroid gland. Without bioavailable iodine, your thyroid becomes underactive. People with underactive thyroid glands tend to gain weight. In 1955, the New England Journal of Medicine reported a 400% increase in the number of thyroid cancer cases in the years after San Francisco’s water began to be fluoridated. (6)

Blockbuster drugs contain fluoride

If you are currently on any of the following drugs and are planning on having a baby, I strongly encourage you to work with a wholistic doctor to transition safely off of any of the following fluoridated drugs:

Anti-fungal antibiotics

The hidden fluoride in your non-stick cookware
The non-stick Teflon chemical, PFOA, is a fluoride-based chemical, which is often used to coat aluminum cookware. This is known as the double-threat: aluminum and Teflon (with fluoride). Teflon was banned by the FDA due to a significant correlation between the chemical and birth defects, cancer, and nervous system disorders in both rats and humans. (8, 9)

Just how deadly is fluoride to the nervous system?
Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl-Fluoride), which is classified by the U.N. as a weapon of mass destruction, works in part by releasing lethal doses of fluoride gas. (10)

Fluoride suppresses fertility
When male rats were exposed to 2, 4, and 6 ppm of sodium fluoride in their drinking water, their testicles and prostate gland shrank in size. In addition, sperm counts plummeted and the sperm that were produced were dysfunctional. The concentration of protein in the testes (needed to manufacture new sperm) was also significantly suppressed. (11)


Fluoride exposure during pregnancy may suppress your future child’s I.Q.
Several research studies conducted in China clearly correlate fluoride exposure to low I.Q. in school children. (12, 13)

Fluoride exposure in the womb linked to psychiatric disorders
There is a correlation between sodium fluoride exposure during pregnancy and neurological and psychiatric disorders in children and adults. (14)

Low birth rate and birth defects linked to fluoride
In communities that are fluoridated, low birth rates are seen. (15) In fact, fluoride has been removed from various animal feeds, because of a high incidence of birth defects in their offspring. (16, 17)