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Exposing the Agents of Disinformation

History has it that whenever there is a process of historic change underway, the status quo engages agents of disinformation in order to slow down this process. The case of the liberation of human health from the monopoly of pharmaceutical drugs, and the incorporation of science based natural health approaches into public health policies, is no exception.
A Modern Major General Exposed?

http://labvirus. wordpress. com/2009/ 11/20/more- on-bert-stubbleb oom-and-rima- laiblow-grand- masters-of- psychological- warfare/

For those who have followed this blog I have LONG ranted that Bert and Rima are among the grand masters of psychological warfare operations, and that Bert Stubblebine along with Michael Aquino and Col. John B Alexander of Los Alamos formed Psi-Tech the remote viewing company, and had a hand in creating the First Earth Battalion of psychic warriors.

This couple disguises themselves as a concerned american patriotic couple, who are "blowing the whistle" on Codex Alimentarius and the "Swine Flu Pandemic" but in essence are serving the same purpose here in the states that Jane Burgermeister is serving abroad - which is to give the people a false sense of security that something is being done to stop these agendas when in fact the solutions and suggested paths offered are decoys only intended to steer people away from any actual solution that might have any effect or offer any true defenses. I have seen their names associated with so-called "petition" sites which collect names and personal data of those opposing forced vaccinations - and then which do nothing to take any action. To me these are simply data-mining efforts to collect the personal data of dissidents for later NORTHCOM action.

I do not trust Bert StubbleBOOM and Rima LaiBLOW as far as I could throw them, and considering how I feel about the two, that's probably a considerable distance. I would not want to be involved with them or even in the same room with them. To me they are among the most dangerous people (if you can call them people) walking around on the planet today.

Anyone who has seen Monarch: the New Phoenix Program films by Marshall Thomas would know a little more about this couple than is talked about in their interviews on the Alex Jones show...

http://labvirus. wordpress. com/2009/ 11/10/absolutely -unbelievable- alex-jones- of-infowars- and-prisonplanet -now-has- bert-btubblebine -and-rima- laibow-on- his-show- for-a-full- hour-everything- i-feared- about-alex- jones-is- now-obviously- true/