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Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, 'Get The F☠ck Out!'

Most people are not aware that they should be asking the question - Should I vaccinate?


Most people are not aware that they should be asking the question - Should I vaccinate?

Since the first mandatory vaccination law was passed in the U.S. (1903), the belief in vaccination has been promoted by a pro-vaccine government, a pro-vaccine school system and a pro-vaccine western allopathic medicine industry.

The government: The U.S. government is the largest purchaser of vaccines in the country. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) annual budget is composed of purchasing vaccines and ensuring vaccination is completed for every child in the country. Laws have been passed to protect vaccine manufactures from liability while at the same time, state laws require parents to inject their children with up to 100 vaccination antigens prior to entering school. If a vaccine injury -- or death -- occurs after a vaccine, parents cannot sue the doctor, the drug company or the government; they required to petition the Vaccine Court for damages, which can take years and is often denied.
The schools: Each state has school vaccination laws which require children of appropriate age to be vaccinated for several communicable diseases. State vaccination laws mandate that children be vaccinated prior to being allowed to attend public or private schools. Failure to vaccinate children can result in children being denied from attending school, civil fines and criminal penalties against their parents or guardians. What schools don't tell parents is that in every state, an exemption exists allowing parents to legally refuse vaccines and allowing children to attend school.
The medical industry: The medical industry advocates vaccines, often demanding that parents vaccinate their children or be dismissed from the medical practice. A sizable portion of a pediatrician's income is derived from insurance reimbursement for vaccinations. The ever-expanding vaccination schedule that includes increasingly more expensive vaccines has been a source of increased revenues for vaccinating doctors. Unfortunately, many doctors have not read the package insert for the vaccines which they so readily inject into their little patients. They are not aware of the full range of chemicals coming through that needle. As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or legal guardian you have the right to know...and to choose. Parents are busy. They don't have time to spend hundreds of hours researching the medical literature about problems associated with vaccines.

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