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Professional MySQL DB converter tool transfers all database attributes, constraints such as data types, rows, columns, primary key, unique key, foreign key, default and null values from any version Mysql database to MSSQL server DB. MySQL to MSSQL database migrator is an efficient, less cost and time consuming software which converts full mysql DB or selected table records into MSSQL database. Database synchronization application creates completely new database of MSSQL or merges table records with existing MSSQL DB tables with all DB attributes and properties. MySQL to MSSQL server DB translation application facilitates multibyte character support without braking database schema limitations of both MySQL and MSSQL. Migration tool for MySQL DB also maintains Unicode architecture and database integrity after converting DB into MSSQL. Mysql to mssql database conversion utility stores all migrated database at a secure place on your PC. MySQL DB transformation tool supports all version of mysql, msql and major versions of windows OS with complete install and uninstall support. Features: * MySQL to MSSQL converter software merges selected tables or translates complete DB with table attributes, constraints such as data type, rows and columns. * Mysql DB migration utility maintains Unicode structure, database integrity and support multibyte characters. * DB transformation application instantly stores all migrated DB at user defined location for future reference. * Migrator tool for MySQL to MSSQL is an easy and cost effective conversion program which provide GUI interface for windows OS such as 98, 2000, XP, NT, 2003 and Vista. * Mysql to MSSQL translator utility does not required any special training for technical or non technical users for software operations.

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