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Self-help books for children

Why Should Parents Use Self-Help Books for Their Kids?

Sure, life is difficult as an adult, but who ever said being a kid was easy? Children may be seemingly carefree but when life’s rollercoaster goes from its climb down to the drop, kids need support more than adults. Children face a number of life challenges in their day to day lives such as a divorce of their parents, a sick family member, a new baby in the family (yes, even this is a difficult life challenge for many young children), child abuse, death of a pet and more. It is imperative that parents and guardians do everything they can to talk the young children through the life process and establish an open line of communication and a haven for support. The worst thing a parent or guardian can do in a time of family crisis—minor or major, is ignore the situation, pretend it is not happening or lie. Children need to be given all the information about a situation in an easy to understand, digestible manner. Their feelings and psyche should be taken into careful consideration—however, they should never be lied to or else the trust between you and the child can be forever lost. Children can carry feelings of anger, sadness or resentment if they ever find out that their parent or their guardian has lied about something of remote importance. How do self-help books help? Self-help books can assist the situation as a crutch or guide. The books show the child that they are not alone in their situation and that other kids and families go through similar issues and most importantly—get through it. These books exemplify each situation in the best light so that children can see a positive outlook on their own situation— and be given hope and tools for coping. Self-help books that are written by a doctor offer medical advice based on years of proven experience, research and testing. They are almost as good as sitting in the doctor’s office and having a conversation about the problem. In fact, many doctors use books in their own practice. Playdate Kids Publishing offers books on a variety of subjects that are written specifically to young children between the ages of three and six. The books offer children friendly, non-intimidating, non-threatening storylines blended with loveable characters who show acts of kindness, intelligence, manners and sympathy. The Playdate Kids become a friend to the reader—offering a support system through early literacy edutainment. When the going gets tough—The Playdate Kids offer a helping hand.