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Chin Up

Chin Surgery or mentoplasty refers to changing the shape of the chin either by adding an implant or by moving part of the bone forward; or by removing part of the bone to improve a profile. A weak chin creates an impression of a larger nose or the appearance of a fleshy neck. Chin augmentation permits patients to generate a profile they find more gratifying, by creating a more defined chin. Chin augmentation surgery crafts an unbiased relationship between the facial structures. Chin augmentation uses synthetics or biologicals to enhance the bone structure. There are two main types of chin augmentation procedures: surgery and injectables. Chin augmentation surgery is executed in order to insert an implant into the tissue on top of the jaw. After surgery for chin augmentation, patients are expected to wear a support brace to allow the tissues and implant to heal properly. There is staining and swelling for the first 5 to 7 days after chin augmentation surgery, and the swelling may stay for a few months. Injectables that are used to perform a chin augmentation mean significantly lower cost than the expense of surgery; however the cost of material of injectables is more than that in surgery. For more details, please visit us at: