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Keystrokes Capture Software

Professional keylogger utility provides time saving and consistent approach to continuously analyze and record your desktop/notebook activities without causing any degradation in system�s speed and performance. Keystrokes capture software traces entire pressed keyboard keys like Esc, Alt, Ctrl, windows login data, chat session records, browsed websites address, sent/received emails text, MS documents with relevant operations and other keyboard created activities and records them in password secured log file. Parental monitoring application generates encrypted report of entire keystrokes information in text format so that it could be send to user email address in highly confidential fashion. Keystrokes capture software is completely GUI based, runs excellently with all widely used windows operating systems including XP and Vista. Invisible keyboard surveillance program provides authentication facility to user via its login feature in order to prevent unwanted users to access and misuse the precious keystroke information. PC monitoring wizard does not display its existence in installation folder path and deceives all popular anti keyloggers, powerful antivirus software and spywares. Features: * Keyboard recording tool is an efficient utility for entrepreneurs and parents to constantly look over kids� and subordinates� complete PC activities in covert manner. * Keystrokes capture software continues to provide its surveillance service irrespective of any browser loaded on OS including IE, Opera, Chrome etc. * Utility cannot be searched in any searching area like add or remove program list, task manager, system startup and control panel, making it highly secure. * Program is fully capable to serve monitoring facility to several user accounts simultaneously. * Tool provides an inbuilt help option for user�s assistance or guidance, thus enable even non technical users to handle the wizard in convenient way.

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