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Lamictal – Epilepsy and Anti-Seizure Medication

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a known neurological condition, which directly hampers your nervous system. It is also commonly known as seizure disorder. A person suffering from epilepsy can only be treated if he had minimum of two seizures, not caused by any known medical condition like alcohol withdrawal or low level of blood sugar.

It has been observed that the actual reason behind a seizure disorder is not known. You can put the blame on family hereditary or even the brain injuries can be a cause. The term "epilepsy" explains that an individual is suffering from seizures but neither does it confirm anything about the actual cause nor does it say anything about the type of seizures or how severe it can be to that individual.

Seizures can be controlled

Anti-seizure medications are readily available at your local pharmacists that are used to help control some types of seizures while treating epilepsy. Lamotrigine a known Lamictal Medication is a drug representing the class of phenyltriazine which is chemically not related to existing antiepileptic drug. Many clinical trials have proved that Lamictal Medication is effective in reducing the frequency of seizure when added to existing antiepileptic drug therapy in adult patients with partial seizures. Lamictal Medication does not cure epilepsy, but it will work to control seizures as long as you continue to take it. Even though lamictal is readily available at your local pharmacist, you are advised to take it only after your doctor's prescription.

How to use Lamictal Drug?

Once you are on Lamictal dosage, it become primarily important that your doctor checks your health on regular basis, especially during the initial month or two of the treatment. These regular checks will put him in a position to take decision on your dosage, if you encounter any unwanted side effects.

If you are take alcohol or other CNS depressants and want to take Lamictal Medication, check with your doctor before you start taking Lamictal. There is a strong possibility that Lamictal might increase the effects of alcohol and CNS depressants making you feel drowsier with the same amount of alcohol. You should be aware of the effects the medicine can have on you, before you drive or use machinery that can lead to accident.

It is very important to check whether Lamictal makes you clumsy, or if it affects your vision. If you experience, double or blurred vision, dizziness, check with your doctor.

It is advisable not to stop taking Lamictal Drug without consulting your doctor. You may face sudden withdrawal side effects like your seizures may return or can occur more often. Even if you want to stop continuing this medication, check with your doctor. He might suggest you to reduce the dose and gradually quit than sudden withdrawal.

About the Author: Jatin Chawla is a freelance journalist. Jatin writes for offering valuable information on Lamictal Medication.