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“Love Being A Woman”- Mastopexy

Breasts are a woman’s biggest asset. They contribute to their confidence and overall appearance. Hence cosmetic or reconstructive surgery for the breasts is common practice. Mastopexy is the enhancement of the breasts which reshapes and firms breasts which are sagging. A breast lift also includes inserting implants depending on an individuals needs. While on technicalities, the surgery takes upto 1-3 hours. You could very much be awake during the entire procedure depending on the type of anesthesia, local or general. This surgery is performed either outpatient or inpatient. Recovery for this procedure is fairly quick, takes a week or a little more to get back on your feet. Breast lift cosmetic surgery is usually done on women who wish to retain or gain back the youthful look the breasts had before age and before gravity onset and everything started heading downhill and sagging. After the surgery there will be some mild soreness, but the physician is well aware of this and will provide you with medication. Rest and relaxation after these surgeries is a must. It is better to get a list of ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ things from your physician. Not paying heed to his advice could lead to some serious trouble. Though this surgery comes under the normal surgery category one must not take it lightly. Following your physician’s advice could save you from complications. There are advantages of getting a breast lift. They improve the appearance, they look elevated and full. Implants can also be added to make them look bigger. Self confidence increases for women along with a feeling of youthfulness. Now there is no need to worry if your breasts get saggy or go out of shape. Life has become so much easier with these surgeries. The Plastic Surgery Institute of California provides you with the best surgeons for your particular needs at very competitive prices to ensure you have a safe and satisfying experience. They have experienced consultants at all their centers which include Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Pasadena, San Diego and Huntington Beach. They will guide you through your decision making process and answer any questions that you could have. There are various other surgeries carried out at The Plastic Surgery Institute of California: Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia to name a few. Breast Augmentation is another form of plastic surgery that offers women options to change the size and shape of her breasts. Technology and medical procedures have come a long way in recent years, and this type of cosmetic surgery has become far less invasive than it was in the past years. For more details, please visit us at: