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Cleaning Your [Botched] Nose

Botched noses, they can be worse than odd-shaped noses. While there are a lot of plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty, there are very few surgeons who approach a rhinoplasty procedure with an experienced outlook. The latter group is more often than not the surgeons who usually end up fixing badly done nose jobs. From the total number of rhinoplasty procedures performed in the United States, about 17 percent account for a revision rhinoplasty procedure. Most of these procedures require minor surgery, but a badly executed rhinoplasty can warrant extensive surgical repair. Scars and surgical marks too are some of the reasons patients go in for a revision rhinoplasty. And then again there are star-struck patients who come clutching their favorite idol’s photograph seeking the help of a plastic surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty is also considered by patients who are looking for a particular look for their new nose. At the Plastic Surgery Institute of California, Beverly Hills, professional rhinoplasty surgeons carefully assess the damage wrought upon a patient’s nose by any previous surgery. Pictures showing how the nose originally looked are closely studied and the desired outcome is taken into account. There are some botched nose jobs that cannot be corrected, and working on them is bound to increase the damage. Our cosmetic surgeons are completely honest if this is the situation. They provide a patient with unbiased opinions and suggestions to correct surgeries gone wrong and skillfully work to avoid further damage. For more details, please visit us at: