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See The AMAZING Things That Will Happen to Your Health By Putting a Piece of GARLIC in Your Ear

The best way of curing different diseases is the natural one. Garlic is considered as a wonder of medicine. Below you can see some of the amazing effects that garlic has on our body.

Garlic is known to remove earache and alleviate headaches. All you have to do is put a piece of garlic in your ear. Few minutes later you will not feel pain anymore. Garlic can also reduce the risk of different ear infections.

Garlic also can alleviate headache. You should follow the same procedure mentioned above. You put a piece of garlic in two ears and leave them overnight. You will feel absolutely no pain in the morning.

Lowering the body temperature can be easily done, simply by soaking some pieces of garlic in apple vinegar. Putting them on your ears and legs will lower temperature considerably. Moreover, when you have fever you can use garlic juice as natural syrup against sharp coughing.

For garlic syrup you need to take 1 garlic and 3 tbs of honey. First, you should cut the garlic and put it a in a bowl of honey. Then you should cover with foil and leave it overnight at room temperature. You should take 1 tbs of the syrup 5 times per day.