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Morning Brain Fog--Is it Catching?

Great weekend. Uh oh. It's Monday!

Late nights, too little sleep, indulging in too much good stuff (not all of it healthy), and maybe, just maybe getting a little over-served? You can make a few simple changes to avoid the dreaded brain fog and keep your life and work on-track.

Although it helps, you don't have to give up your weekend fun or become a party pooper to cut the brain fog. Sure you could eat better and drink less, but let's say you don't. What can you do, really?

Don't get bogged down with taking on too much at one time. Start with getting more and better sleep tonight. Yup the old hit the sheets, 40 winks, slumber time. Easy to say… not so easy to do? Not true. You can do it! And here's why you'll want to:

That fog you feel when you get up in the morning after too little sleep is not just a Monday problem. It is catching… it can carry over to Tuesday, Wednesday, the entire week! It's your life--in a fog. Yikes! Lack of sleep is catching? Do you have it?

Yep. You have it. Now what? Easy stuff first...
1.Get to bed early enough to have 8 hours of sleep time allotted.
2.Lower the lights as you ready for bed and make sure your room is entirely dark when you turn off the lights or use a sleep mask.
3.Turn off electronics or use inexpensive blue light blocking glasses.
4.Breathe deeply at least three times every 2 minutes until you feel yourself relax.
5.Stretch out your arms and legs several times until they feel heavy.
6.Enjoy soothing music or easy to take conversation before bed.
7.Immerse yourself in total silence (inexpensive ear plugs will block out background noise, including snoring).
8.When you awake in the morning, drink a big glass of filtered water before you eat or drink anything else.
9.If you're serious about getting your brain in gear, switch out normal coffee (very acidic) with cold-pressed coffee which tastes better, is less acidic and promotes great mental clarity in comparison.
10.And if you're really interested in exploring your super human capability, start your morning with cold-pressed or fresh squeezed vegetable juice (not sugary fruit juice). You'll notice super brain clarity and smooth energy all morning!

This is a start. Lack of sleep can and will impact your effectiveness day after day by causing your brain to be in a fog. You are most likely a wonderful person who may just be too weary to be your most wonderful self. You may have developed many poor health habits along the way and you've just been too tired to take them on and fix them.

So if you're tired of brain fog, start with this list. These recommendations work. Start tonight!

Health is a habit. Good health as well as poor health. They're both 'catching.' The more healthy things you do, the better… they lead to “wellness" which is the expression of your most optimal self.