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Fitness Tips for Your Backache - One-Legged Balance Challenges

Fitness is not just for the athletic anymore. Along with playing important roles in preventing and/or managing serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer and more, staying in shape – especially keeping muscles strong and flexible – can help make your backache go away.

For Your Back's Sake, Strengthen Lateral Hip Muscles

Lateral (outer) hip muscles, in particular, are key for spinal support (as well as walking, running, and many other types of exercise.) Keeping them strong and flexible is part of the objective of most therapeutic back exercise programs.
One Legged Hip Strengtheners

Let’s talk strength. A great strategy for strengthening the muscles on the outside of your hip is to do one legged balance challenges. This type of exercise forces your hip muscles (especially those on the outside) to work hard and coordinate well. While it's true that your hips get benefits from this, your back will likely reap rewards, as well.

Slide on for 7 ways - from beginner to advanced intermediate - to work your outer hip muscles and challenge your balance while you're at it.