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DOOM in-progress at Lake Erie; Rare wind-driven "seiche" has developed; could wipe out sections of Buffalo, NY

A natural disaster of epic proportions has been in-progress for about three hours so far at Lake Erie and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. A rare wind-driven "Seiche" is taking place, wherein the wind is so fierce and sustained, it is blowing the entire body of lake water from west-to-east causing the natural sea level at the west end of Lake Erie to DROP 6 feet and the natural sea level at the east end to rise more than 7 feet! ! !

Massive flooding is now taking place at the east end of Lake Erie, with inundating amounts of water flowing out of the lake onto nearby shore roads, causing those roads to become impassable. The seiche is already more than 7 feet tall and it continues to rise, spelling Doom for many local residents, and perhaps entire sections of the city of Buffalo, New York. The graphics below explain how a Seiche occurs:
Water charts showing the LIVE water levels at both ends of Lake Erie tell the story quite graphically:

At Toledo, Ohio on the western shore of Lake Erie where the water level dropped by more than 6 feet suddenly today:
At Buffalo, NY, hundreds of miles to the east, the water level has suddenly risen by more than SEVEN FEET today, and continues to rise!

No one knows how long this wind-driven water will continue to rise, but Buffalo, NY and its surrounding towns could see vast portions of their communities literally wiped out -- without any warning -- within hours from now.