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Breast and Ovarian Cancers are Indications of Iodine Deficiency

I am still blown away with one simple thing. Out of the myriads of problems I used to have that are now gone: allergies, weak nails, sinusitis, headaches, I am blown away by the lack of the return of my heart palpitations and arrythmia. They went away with my first 'high' dose of iodine.

The problems with my heart NEVER returned. And that problem went away after just one month of iodine supplementation:

I used to have very lumpy and bumpy breast tissue. With the iodine, I have gone from my (squeezing into a) D cup back to my normal (barely fitting a) C cup bra size. It is still weird to feel my sternum and ribs instead of the rubbery masses in between my breasts. I can now lay on my stomach without pain.

Since I have only lost 7-12 pounds since beginning iodine supplementation 26/Jan/07 (it varies with my eating) this is not due to simple weight-loss. In the years before iodine supplementation, I managed to lose over 30 pounds, and THAT weight loss hadn't done a thing to my breast tissue!

Information data:

Iodine is a miracle from God. It is necessary for 87 different enzymatic functions in the body. Every hormone receptor requires iodine in order to function. Iodine is mucolytic, breaking up mucus and unobstructing pathways of elimination. 20 per cent of the total body burden of iodine in an iodine sufficient person (about 1.5 grams) is in the skin which facilitates sweating and guards against infection from cuts and scrapes, etc.

The thyroid is the first place to get any iodine ingested and has the greatest concentration in the body. The second highest concentration in the human body is the ovaries. Then the breasts. Iodine is essential for normal cell apoptosis (cell death), the reverse of which is, you guessed it, cancer. This is why I say that breast and ovarian cancers are direct symptoms of iodine deficiency in women.

Iodine dislodges heavy metals and other toxins from their hiding places and puts them back in circulation. This makes them available for elimination.

It does the same for the bad halogens, when taken in sufficient quantity. Therefore, upon the initial doses of iodine, the detox reaction that occurs from being re-exposed to these toxins in serum is in direct relation to the amount and kind of toxins already present in the tissues. The worse a person feels after taking it, the worse their body was contaminated.

This buildup of toxins is serious, because just when the body needs its resources the most is when breakdown of tissue happens and these toxins get released anyway. They don't bother you until they bother you. Then it is too late to do anything about them. It is better to get them out while healthy and still vital than to wait for them to be the first and last nail in your coffin.

I believe the hormonal based cancers are all symptoms of iodine deficiency (prostate cancers, too). Other conditions associated with iodine deficiency are inability to sweat, lethargy, depressed immune function, allergies, and decreased intelligence, to name a few