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4 Foods To Eat More Of To Help Prevent Lung Cancer

Along with the obvious lifestyle choices - such as not smoking - diet may play a role in preventing or lessening the risk of developing lung cancer.
Make the following changes:

1.Add more antioxidants. Apples, tomatoes and oranges are especially helpful in nourishing the lungs.

2.Add carrots, yellow squash and dark, leafy greens for their lung-cancer protective carotenoids.

3.Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.

4.Eat whole soy foods - their phytoestrogens may have a protective effect.

Keep in mind that dietary carotenoids are your best source. While supplemental mixed carotenoids may offer some benefit, you should avoid taking isolated beta-carotene if you are, or were, a smoker - higher doses may actually increase the risk of lung caner.