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18 Ways to Burn Calories While You Work

If you're confined to your desk while you work, all's not lost. Here are some great things you can do to burn calories (and still be productive) while you work!

1.Drink water
2.Stand while you work
3.Do leg raises
4.Take all phone calls on your feet
5.Snack on something healthy
6.Invest in a treadmill desk
7.Drink green tea
8.Laugh when something's funny
9.Sit on an exercise ball
10.Chew gum
11.Fidget to keep moving
12.Get an under-desk elliptical
13.Stretch your muscles
14.Have walking meetings
15.Focus on good posture
16.Relax and take a breath
17.Flex specific muscles
18.Get up and talk to your coworkers (no emails allowed!)

Even if your job requires you to be in one place most of the day, there are things you can do to fight that sedentary lifestyle. Work some of these awesome calorie burners into your daily routine.