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The urination system eliminates excess water from the body. What amazes me when speaking to people is that they believe they need to drink at least 2 quarts of water a day, and by doing this, find they are always in the bathroom or have to get up during the night to eliminate water. Does this make sense to you? The majority of people require four cups of water daily. By drinking excessive water, you are putting you urinary system under stress all day. It needs a chance to rest. You could not eat all day without aggravating your digestive system. The same is true of your urinary system. Give it a rest. If you do a lot of exercise or have a job where you do a lot of sweating, more might be called for but your body will let you know. You will be thirsty! When you are thirsty.. always drink pure water. This is what will take care of your thirst.. not soda or juices. Foods that aggravate the urinary system are:

Caffeine utilizes the bladder & kidney for elimination. Get off the caffeine! This includes coffee, tea (except for herbal teas), caffeinated sodas and chocolate. I find this is a huge problem for people with urinary problems, but so often people don't want to hear this. They want to fix their chronic urinary problems without giving up the caffeine. Healing does not work this way. By knowing what aggravates the problem brings you a step closer to healing it. This is a reason I have such a hard time with schools serving caffeinated drinks. Although it is a legal drug, it is still a very addictive drug to the system and on top of it, it causes damage to the organs.

White refined sugars also affect the urinary system. Switch to more complex sugars including pure maple syrup, barley malt, rice malt, molasses, sucanat, organic pure cane juice crystals or stevia. A much better choice for cooking and sweetening. And your body will thank you!

Herbs that help to heal the urinary system:
Dandelion acts a diuretic when it is needed by the body. What is also very nice is that it is naturally high in potassium so it solves two problems with one herb. Juniper berries are also helpful as a diuretic as well as cranberry (juice, capsules or tea). One of my favorite homeopathic combinations for this conditions which usually works quite well is called "Bladder Irritation". Clients have found wonderful success with this combination, but the caffeine must be eliminated for it to be effective.

Negative emotions that affect the urinary system:
Disappointment which can be created by many negative emotions in which case it is important to look at the reasons why the disappointment was created in the first place.  is intended as an educational tool only. A physician or healthcare provider, is essential to diagnose conditions and supervise the use of any medications to treat individual health problems. This website is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical care. You should seek the best medical resources available to help make informed medical decisions.

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