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Ancient Hologram Recordings Etched in Stone Provide Proof Of Contact With An Unknown Intelligence

An unknown language consisting of visual communications has been deciphered from certain small stones called "Petro Photoglyphs".

The collection or library of these artifacts was discovered as surface samples in 1994 near the Missouri and Kentucky border.  The 'Petro Photoglyphs' project hologram images in photographic detail when properly illuminated.

Stone objects that provide time capsule communications as they require our modern technologies to view and our data base of current human knownledge and understanding to decipher them.

Scribed by a highly advanced inscription technology these objects provide proof that an ancient and currently unknown intelligence is attempting to contact us via a collection of stone etched 'DVDs'.

Pictured are two artifacts with a variety of the captured visual projections: The Genesis Petroglyph (right) and The Unicorn Petroglyph (left).

A record of detailed photographic images from the dawn of human understanding and proof of contact with a highly advanced and unknown intelligence.

A unique website dedicated to  research with petro photoglyphic artifacts: