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A Single Gene That Changes Cancer Cells Back Into Normal Cells!

The traditional way to treat cancer was with radiation and chemotherapy. These methods can be damaging to the body and doesn’t always lead to the results that are desired. There is a new treatment that is being discussed that has had some remarkable field tests.

Restoring normal levels of the human colorectal cancer gene in mice stopped intestinal tumor function within only four days. Tumors were eliminated within two weeks, and signs of cancer were prevented months later. Up to 90 percent of tumors contain a mutation inside called the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli. It has been thought for a long time that these mutations were the cause of colorectal cancer. It’s not clear whether the inactivation of this gene has played a role in the growth of tumors and survival of the tumors when cancer is developed.

“We wanted to know whether correcting the disruption of Apc in established cancers would be enough to stop tumor growth and induce regression.”

What was found was that by disrupting the APC activity in a small mouse that had colorectal cancer, they found the cell began functioning properly again. Tumor cells stop multiplying, and intestinal cells recover to behave normally. Tumors have pulled back and vanished, or reintegrated with normal tissues within only two weeks, and by the six months follow-up, there was no sign of cancer.