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This Is the Only Solution for Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs


by Dr. Robert J. Rowen, Guest Writer

Originally published in Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion, December 2013; Used with permission

Robert Rowen

Dr. Robert Rowen

I've discussed superbugs in these pages quite a bit lately. The threat is growing rapidly and conventional medicine has nothing to offer. But this month, I wanted to show you the one treatment that has yet to meet a bug it can't kill. It's so effective at treating antibioticresistant bugs that it might be the only thing that saves you should you contract one of these bugs.

I first learned about antibiotic-resistance in medical school in the 1970s. By that time, the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea had "learned" to resist penicillin. Then came derivatives of penicillin and cousins like the cephalosporins. But gonorrhea outwitted them as well. The drug companies came up with newer generations of cephalosporins in a desperate attempt to think faster than a germ. By just tweaking the molecular structure of the chemical, scientists hoped they could tame the germ.

But it hasn't worked out well. A new report should send shivers down every sexually active non-monogamous human on the planet. Strains of gonorrhea resistant to the last lines of drugs, "new generation" cephalosporins, have appeared in many countries, and the U.S. is in the line of fire.

Like so many germs before it (staph, TB, colon bacteria, etc.,) gonorrhea has joined the ranks of the untreatable. Why? Sexual activity is only a small part of the equation. The larger part is the wholesale pollution of the food chain with antibiotics, and the wanton peddling of antibiotics by Pharma and ignorant doctors. Gonorrhea, staph, and all bacteria, no matter how primitive life forms they are, are still life forms. They want to live. And they have a means to communicate with each other that has allowed them to develop a way to transfer resistance to chemicals that would otherwise slay them.

With antibiotics rapidly losing their ability to kill these bugs, conventional medicine needs to learn from the past. Once upon a time, there was a treatment rather widespread in the U.S. It didn't involve chemicals, natural or synthetic. And, it was so very powerful that lethal infections fell to it in one or two sessions.

In the early 1900s, doctors were exposing skin to ultraviolet (UV) light sources and eliminating skin infections. Observations taught them that UV hitting blood was important. A Harvard-trained physicist named Emmet Knott, PhD developed a method of withdrawing just seven ounces of blood (adult portion), exposing it to a strong UV source (with a liquid mercury bulb), and reinjecting it into sick patients. The results were literally jaw dropping.

Knott's first case was a terminally septic woman from a coat-hanger style abortion (late 1920s). One treatment completely cured her. She went on to have children!

The Knott technique of ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) therapy was born. Following this case, American researchers published scores of papers on cases that were beyond miraculous. They cured all of lethal infections in just a few days with just one or a few sessions.

In 1943, a strange thing happened. A group of patients infected with staph died even with UBI. Doctors were astute in those days. They had treated these patients with the new wonder drugs — sulfa drugs. The doctors reasoned that there could be interference and treated a second group of staph patients with UBI and no sulfa drugs. All the patients survived. We've since learned that the sulfa drug molecule neutralizes this particular UV wavelength.

In the ensuing years, Germans picked up the ball. They observed that UBI had dramatic effects on circulation. Patients with peripheral vascular disease walked further with results rivaling standard drug therapy. Russian scientists found that angina improved, up to 90% fewer drugs were needed for heart disease. They reported that UBI healed patients from chemical (pesticide) intoxication more quickly, healed burn patients faster, and even could protect from nuclear radiation. Even premature infants have been treated and spared death from infection!

German and Russian scientists continued treatments and investigation into how and why UBI could be so successful. They found a whole slew of wonderful effects. UBI improves blood rheology. Rheology is flow properties. Sticky thick blood is not so healthy. UBI reduces stickiness, improves red blood cell flexibility, and reduces blood viscosity! You need flexible red cells. They are wider than your tiny capillaries and need to bend and fold to get through to deliver precious oxygen. Otherwise, they'll stack up and sludge your system.

UBI generates a critical molecule in your red cells called 2,3 DGP. This molecule is absolutely indispensable for oxygen delivery. Your blood might be bright red, loaded with oxygen. But without 2,3 DGP, your hemoglobin will not release its oxygen cargo. So you can have plenty of oxygen around, but your body can't utilize it.

Germans found that UBI will reduce blood lactate and pyruvate while raising oxygen consumption. There's only one way this can happen naturally. Oxygen in your cells' mitochondria burn these molecules for energy production. If oxygen consumption goes up, consuming lactate and pyruvate, it can only mean that UBI is turning on the mitochondria, which is essential for life. And we know this is happening since red blood cell ATP levels go up with UBI. ATP is made in your mitochondria by oxygen-induced combustion!

Let's go back to American research for a moment. The early authors were not just clinicians like me. Surgeons chimed in. When they treated their patients with UBI pre and/or post operatively, complications from surgery simply vanished. In fact, a serious complication of abdominal surgery is ileus. In ileus, the bowel simply ceases to work. Patients languish in the hospital for days in misery. There is no conventional treatment except to wait it out. The cost in extended hospital stays run into the billions. UBI prevents ileus. It prevents surgical infections. It speeds healing of wounds and reduces the need for drugs.

In 1947, an incredible article appeared in the American Journal of Surgery from Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia. In this study, the researchers evaluated 445 patients for UBI results including over 200 consecutive cases over 6.5 years. Now realize that modern medicine demands double-blind controlled studies. When you have hundreds of consecutive cases, you've eliminated the need for "double blind," as the study/observation controls itself. It is the highest type of study, as the results prove themselves. The results here?

If infection were caught early or in the moderately advanced phase, the cure rate was 98-100%. If the patient was terminally ill from septic processes, the cure rate was a "mere" 45%. NO ANTIBIOTICS!

Results like this, and especially with staph, trump anything we have today. The medical literature reported that after 6,520 treatments (through 1942) the success rate was close to 100% for infection (except for the moribund) and there were NO toxic effects. There is not one conventional treatment in the world today where none of 6,520 patients will not have some untoward effect. But that's what the early American pioneers found! The therapy wiped out polio and viral pneumonias with ease. Even with today's chemical anti-virals, patients routinely die of viral pneumonia.

American doctors were so stunned with the dramatic effects of UBI that they took pains to describe what even today would be considered supernatural miracles. So, what happened to UBI?

In the 1940s and 1950s, a wide spectrum of drugs was emerging to treat infection. Bugs were so susceptible that, often, oral administration of pills did the job. UBI was more cumbersome. Added to that, was Morris Fishbein, MD. He was president of the then powerful AMA and ran its journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association. He saw the potential for profit from the new UBI technology and went to Knott to demand a share of the company. If he didn't get it, he threatened to destroy the company. Well, he didn't get it. "Silver bullet" antibiotics catapulted onto the scene and Pharma exploded like the cancer it is. Fishbein's JAMA ran one negative article on the therapy in 1952, and the company spiraled down until it went under in 1962. This information was given to me by reliable sources familiar with the company. Fortunately, the AMA in today's world boasts only 15-18% of doctors as paid members.

Then Congress ignorantly handed the FDA (Fraud and Deception Administration) wanton powers over medical devices in 1976, which made it very difficult for anyone to get such a machine through the draconian agency for approval. So, while individual doctors continue the therapy in the privacy of their offices, outside of FDA jurisdiction, no company can market a machine absent going through the horrific FDA approval process. The machines of today have only a fraction of the power of Knott's incredible discovery. But, they do work.

I have been doing UBI since 1989. While I haven't had patients on death's door, like the early pioneers, I've observed incredible recoveries from infection and dramatic improvement in vascular conditions. UBI is NOT a chemical treatment. And germs have never developed resistance to UV irradiation. It's nature's form of sterilization. So, we're not likely to see the emergence of resistance bugs to UBI.

In fact, use of UBI together with tuberculosis antibiotics reduces emergence of resistance to the drugs! Resistant TB is fast becoming a crisis. MRSA is already a crisis. Patients are dying daily in U.S. hospitals from drug-resistant infections. One young lady recently lost limbs to flesh eating bacteria. All the while, infections disease "experts" remain ignorant of a therapy that was absolutely proven to cure the most heinous of infections a mere few generations ago. A personal friend of mine has the last functioning Knott machine in the U.S. I have seen proof of several cases of dread hepatitis C seroconversions, something unheard of with conventional medicine, but mirroring the effects of UBI on hepatitis during the treatment's heyday. I'll have more on this in a future issue.

I believe that worldwide pandemics are coming. The issue for me is not "if" but when. In fact, I remain surprised that with today's urban crowding, jet travel, and malnutrition and toxins in the environment that they have not propelled us into a lethal pandemic already. I train doctors from all over the world in oxidation techniques, UBI being one of them. To find an oxidation-trained physician, visit the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) web site. It is the largest organization of integrative doctors and many of them are offering the services.

While you may never develop gonorrhea, there are plenty of other infections lurking to take you down. Antibiotics, like pesticides for larger "bugs," are failing, and our leaders are even more miserably failing to address the looming nightmare.

UBI is one of the most powerful oxidation therapies I know of. If there is a pandemic, it will be the best option to save your life. There are a few physicians who have newer machines that work well. However, not all physicians who use oxidation therapies have a machine. That's okay. Make sure you have an oxidative physician, as these therapies are the next best thing to UBI for treating superbugs. They can work miracles. You can visit ACAM to find integrative physicians in your area. Look at their profile to see if they offer oxidation therapy!

Ref: Am. J. Surgery, April 1947; Am J Surg, April 1944; Personal communications

Dr. Rowen is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of California at San Francisco. He has been board certified and recertified by the American Boards of Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. He is currently certified by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology. He also served on the Alaska State Medical Board.

Dr. Rowen is known as "The Father of Medical Freedom" for pioneering the nation's first statutory protection for alternative medicine in 1990.

Dr. Rowen also edits Second Opinion, an alternative medicine newsletter. He focuses on big breakthroughs that really work, often years before they're covered anywhere else. To subscribe, visit the Second Opinion newsletter web site or call 800-791-3445. If you are interested in a personal phone consultation with Dr. Rowen, please call his administrative office in California at 707-578-7787 (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST, Mon-Thurs.) for a schedule and rates.